So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson’s Countdown to Halloween – Part 1: Supernatural Fight Night

Greetings from the Odinson,

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to cool down, leaves begin to fall, and the denizens of the land begin to prepare for the time honored tradition of All Hallows’ Eve.  This is a time of change.  But it is also a time when the ghosts and goblins and all those things that go bump in the night claw their way up from some dingy tomb and stalk the land once more.  In honor of Halloween, every week this month, the Odinson will be dedicating this space to the macabre and supernatural.  What better way to kick-start this endeavor than with a Supernatural Fight Night?!

Whether they be monsters, slayers or something in-between, this list will settle once and for all, who is the toughest supernatural critter roaming the earth.

Hellstorm vs. The Darkness – Daimon Hellstrom is the Son of Satan.  His mother was a mortal woman who was driven mad when she learned the true identity of her husband was in fact Lucifer himself.  Hellstorm’s demonic heritage grants him superior strength and magical powers.  He wields a mystical trident that was forged in hell and is able to engulf his enemies in hellfire, a magical energy that burns a person’s very soul.  Hellstorm is able to travel between dimensions, and he gets around on a fiery chariot which is pulled by three giant flaming stallions.

Jackie Estacado was a hitman for the mob, a trained assassin with expert knowledge in the use of guns, knives, and the martial arts.  Now as the possessor of the Darkness, Estacado is the master of shadow and the gloomy places sane men dare not go.  He is able to summon a legion of diminutive demons from the dark.  These little monsters swarm over his enemies and tear them to pieces with their demonic claws and teeth.  The Darkness grants Estacado supernatural strength, speed and endurance.  He can move from one shadow to any other shadow in the world, and he can also sprout bat-wings and fly.

WINNER:  The Darkness – This is a really close call.  Physically they are pretty even.  Hellstorm possesses the supernatural ability to exorcise demons, but would this ability have any effect on the Darkness?  In the end, though Hellstorm may have ruled over a portion of hell, the Darkness is a universal force for chaos whose scope of influence knows no bounds.

Buffy Summers vs. Witchblade – Buffy is the Chosen One, the one girl in all the world with the power and skills to defend mankind against the vampires and the forces of darkness.  She possesses supernatural strength, speed, and agility and super human fighting skills.  Buffy has a team of sidekicks called the Scooby Gang comprised of Willow, the world’s most powerful witch and computer expert, Xander, the master of mirth and the backbone of the team, and Giles, Buffy’s Watcher whose knowledge in arcane lore is second to none and a seasoned practitioner of the mystic arts.

Sarah Pezzini is a tough New York City Police Detective who possesses the ancient mystical artifact known as the Witchblade.  The Witchblade is the sentient offspring of the primal forces of chaos and order in the universe – the Angelus and the Darkness.  It has been passed down for centuries from one woman to the next and is a stalwart defender of the balance between light and dark.  While wearing the Witchblade, Sarah Pezzini can create nearly impenetrable body armor and magical weapons such as swords, maces and shields.  The Witchblade can project mystical energy and deadly shrapnel to take out enemies from a distance.

WINNER: Buffy – The problem with putting the slayer on a list like this is that Buffy has faced off against every single big bad monster, demon, and hell god ever to spawn from the pits of hell, spell book, or get up off a laboratory table.  Bottom line, there’s really not anything in the worlds of the supernatural that Buffy can’t handle.  (Except for bunnies…)

Blade vs. Alice – Blade is the Daywalker.  Like Vampire Hunter D, Blade is a Dhampir, a half human/half vampire.  He possesses all the supernatural powers and strengths of the undead, but none of their weaknesses.  Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons designed solely for the extermination of vampires, Blade seeks to rid the world of their kind and wipe them all out without mercy.  Blade possesses supernatural strength, speed and the ability to heal virtually any wound.  His combat prowess is so proficient that Blade can stand his ground against half a dozen or more vampires at the same time.  He can mow down dozens of undead at a time with his rapid-firing machine pistol that fires specially made silver bullets.  But his favorite weapon of choice is his custom forged sword with a booby-trapped hilt and an acid-tipped blade.

In a world overrun by the walking dead, Alice is mankind’s last hope for survival.  Injected with the T-Virus, Alice’s exposure to the virus had an unusual effect.  Instead of mutated her into a flesh-eating monster, it imbued her with super human physical and mental abilities.  Now after escaping the Apocalyptic chaos of Raccoon City, Alice and her small band of survivors scour the earth in search of the source for all the evil, the main headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation.  Her superior strength and agility allow Alice to take on monstrous foes.  She can single-handedly dismember and exterminate dozens of zombies at a time and even go toe-to-toe with the monstrous Tyrant and the hulking Nemesis.

WINNER: Tie – I know it’s a copout, but not only are these two monster-bashers extremely evenly matched, once they realize they’re basically fighting for the same thing, humanity’s survival in the face of the undead Apocalypse, they’ll team-up.  And when that happens, there aren’t enough vampires and zombies in the world that can stop this supernatural dynamic duo.

Dracula vs. Hellboy – Count Dracula is the King of Vampires!  In life, he was a vicious warlord that impaled his conquered enemies on pikes and dipped his bread in their blood as he ate lunch.  In death, Vlad the Impaler became the Prince of Darkness and the most notorious creature of the night ever to stalk the earth.  This master vampire possesses the strength of twenty men; he can transform into a wolf or giant bat, and into bone-chilling mist.  He can overpower lesser minds with his charismatic vampire stare.  And he has centuries of knowledge and know-how at his disposal, making him a most cunning adversary.

Hellboy is the child of the Apocalypse.  His Right Hand of Doom holds the key to ushering in the End of Days.  However, he’d rather just have a beer, watch the tube and play with his kitties.  Hellboy does use his demonic strength to investigate the paranormal.  He is nearly indestructible and completely invulnerable to fire.  His sidearm is a hand-cannon that can punch a hole through a T-Rex.  And his Right Hand of Doom hits with the force of a Mack truck.

WINNER: Hellboy – Though Dracula is smarter than Hellboy and physically they are relatively evenly matched, it’s the vampire’s aversion to fire that will ultimately be his undoing.  As these two supernatural juggernauts battle, sooner or later, a fiery blaze will break out in their wake and with it the key to Dracula’s defeat.

Doctor Strange vs. Dr. Fate – Doctor Stephen Strange was an arrogant surgeon whose hands were mangled in a automobile accident.  He was taken in and trained in martial arts and the mystic arts by the Ancient One, a centuries old wizard.  So adept at sorcery is Strange that he eventually took on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.  His magical powers are vast.  Feats such as telepathy, teleportation, and astral projection are child’s play to him.  Doctor Strange can call upon the Vishanti, cosmic entities of mystical authority, to augment his already great magical powers.  He also possesses powerful magical artifacts like the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto and his cloak of levitation.  So strong is Doctor Strange in the ways of magic that he can do battle with some of the most powerful mystical foes in the universe including Dracula, the In-Betweener, Nightmare, Mephisto and the Dread Dormammu.

Kent Nelson was the orphaned son of an archaeologist that was raised by an ancient wizard named Nabu and trained in the mystic arts.  Armed with the mystical Helmet of Nabu, the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny, Nelson became the earthly avatar of the Lords of Light – Dr. Fate.  Fate possesses super human strength and the ability to manipulate mystical energy.  He can fly, turn invisible, pass through solid matter, create light and darkness, project his thoughts to others, and project magic missiles, lightning bolts and fireballs from his hands.  Alongside the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate is the premiere mystical force for good in the DCU.

WINNER: Doctor Strange – Don’t get me wrong, I think Fate is infinitely cooler than Strange, but when it comes to the world of magic Doctor Strange is the Master of the Mystic Arts.  He IS the Sorcerer Supreme!

Next week the Odinson continues his count down to Halloween with a look at monsters in comics.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell


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