So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson’s Countdown to Halloween – Finale: A Salute to the Boogeyman

Happy Halloween from the Odinson,

It’s been fun counting down the days to Halloween 2012.  We witnessed a Supernatural Fight Night and determined who the toughest monsters were staking the earth.  We celebrated Monsters in Comics and the roles they play.  We raised a toast to the rock star of monsters, the Vampire, and we took a look at The Odinson’s Favorite Vampire Stories in Comics.  Now, the Odinson concludes his countdown to Halloween 2012 with a salute to the ultimate monster – the Boogeyman.

The Boogeyman is perhaps the scariest thing of all.  It’s the unknown, that faceless entity hiding in your closet or under the bed.  Parents will tell their children not to go out at night or play in the woods or “the Boogeyman will get you.”  The Boogeyman was always this faceless horror that haunted a child’s imagination.  But as we grow up, the Boogeyman starts to take shape and thanks to literature and movies, the Boogeyman now has a face.

The Silver Screen Boogeyman comes in many different shapes and sizes, but size alone does not determine the scariness of a Boogeyman.  Just ask the Barclay family if size matters as they were terrorized by the diminutive Chucky, a child’s doll with the soul of a murderer locked inside of it.  The creepy little ghoul from Trick ‘r Treat, Sam, doesn’t seem to let his small size hamper his ability to terrify.  The Boogeyman could be a vengeful spirit.  If you are ever at home alone at night with all the lights off in the house, whatever you do, do not stare into the mirror and say his name three times, or the Candyman will come.  Sometimes a horrible incident occurs in a rural town and the legend of a Boogeyman can grew from that, as was the case for Harry Warden, a maniac miner that seeks revenge on the town every Valentine’s Day.  The Boogeyman does not necessarily have to be a man.  Just ask the victims who made the mistake of spending their last summer at Sleepaway Camp.  Or in the case of the Leprechaun, as anyone who is foolish enough to try and steal his gold will soon learn.

But as the New Millennium approached, a New Age Boogeyman arrived on the scene, a particularly sinister kind of villain that took just as much joy in the mental aspects of the scare as he did in the kill itself.  Ghostface uses his expertise in horror movie trivia to get the blood boiling in his would-be-victims and to deliver his message he uses that all important device that no teenager can live without, the phone.  Jigsaw is another kind of New Age Boogeyman whose elaborate tortures and mental mind games leave his victims and the audience puzzled, mesmerized and utterly terrified.  Another aspect of the New Millennium Boogeyman is that he’s determined to learn from the mistakes of those that came before him and will use the audience’s thirst for knowledge against them as one doomed documentary crew learned when they met Leslie Vernon.  But the new generation stand out star of the New Millennium Boogeymen has to be Victor Crowley, the unstoppable, merciless killing machine that haunts the bayous of New Orleans.

But these Boogeymen, though scary, are just small time.  They are the minor leagues.  Their body counts, though impressive, pale in comparison when compared to the true Kings of Horror.  Though Victor Crowley has the potential to one day be on this list, he has a long way to go before his Boogeyman status can match these next few names.

The Kings of Horror – the Ultimate Boogeymen

LeatherfaceThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the horror movie that bridges the gap between Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho and the slasher films of the modern era.  Leatherface, part of a family of cannibals that terrorizes motorists that happen to cross their path, is a large mentally challenged man that wears the skins of his victims.  He’s a butcher that attacks people with knives and sledgehammers.  However, his most terrifying weapon of choice is the chainsaw.  If you hear the high-pitched scream of a chainsaw somewhere in the distance, run for your life.  It just may be Leatherface on the prowl for another victim.  There’s a reason why the sound of the chainsaw is the scariest thing in all the haunted house attractions across our great nation.  You can thank Leatherface for that.

Michael Myers – Myers is the mass murderer that stalks the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois.  It was his nefarious exploits that kicked off the modern era phenomenon of slasher movies.  As a boy, on Halloween, Michael murdered his sister and was sent to a mental hospital.  There his psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis, discovered that nothing resided in this boy save pure evil.  Years later he escaped and on Halloween night returned to Haddonfield and went on a killing spree.  He terrorized a group of babysitters and their friends and was only stopped when Loomis emptied a revolver into him, sending Michael plummeting from a second story balcony.  But even that didn’t stop him.  Like Jason and Freddy, Michael Myers has proven to be pretty much unkillable.  With his expressionless Halloween mask, his signature disembodied breathing, and the most haunting theme music of any Boogeyman, Michael Myers is definitely one person you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

Freddy Kruger – Fred Kruger was a child murderer that was hunted down by the parents of Elm Street and burned to death.  However, Freddy returned, seeking revenge on the children of Springwood.  He strikes at them through their dreams, terrorizing, torturing, and killing them in all manner of inventive ways.  Freddy’s visage is horrifying to look at.  His skin was scarred by fire.  He is the Boogeyman that haunts your nightmares.  He murders the children of Springwood, harvesting their souls and adding them to his power.  In the Dreamworld he is completely unstoppable.  The only way he can be defeated is by bringing him forth into the real world.  But for the children of Springwood, Kruger’s death is only a short reprieve from the madman’s devilish torment.  He always comes back armed with his signature glove with knives extending from the fingers.  When he scratches this diabolical weapon against a hard surface it makes a sound that is infinitely worse than nails on a chalk board.  1…2…Freddy’s coming for you…

Pinhead – Pinhead is a Cenobite and the keeper of Lemarchand’s Box, a device that visits all manner of pleasure/ torture on those that dare to solve its puzzle.  He is a demon from hell that leads a pack of monsters and other Cenobites in their pursuit of lost souls.  If he is anything, Pinhead is an opportunistic villain.  He will make a deal, but if he is crossed there is no limit to the number of horrors that he can visit upon those that have wronged him.  Pinhead is a powerful denizen of the underworld.  Guys like Freddy Kruger get their paychecks from guys like Pinhead.  Pinhead can summon chains with horrible hooks attached to them that zip out of the darkness as if from nowhere.  These chains impale and crucify his victims leaving them oscillating and defenseless, ready for the gifts he has to bestow.

Jason Voorhees – No list of Boogeymen would be complete without the hockey mask-wearing, machete-swinging, nigh unstoppable mass murderer known as Jason.  As a child, Jason was a special needs kid that, when neglected by his camp councilors, drowned in the waters of Crystal Lake, leaving him even more demented than before.  This set his mother on a two-decade murderous mission of revenge until meeting her own end at the hands of one of the young women she was trying to kill.  After witnessing his mother’s demise Jason began to stalk the woods around Crystal Lake.  With a body count that beats both Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger, Jason has gone on to become the most legendary Boogeyman of them all.  At first he was simply a hulking demented madman seeking revenge on the youth of America.  But after his resurrection in the sixth film, Jason has become a monstrous undead killing machine that slaughters anything, and anyone, that crosses his path.  Even when he is fighting other monsters, like Freddy and Leatherface, those that are being protected by his actions will be annihilated if they get too close to the carnage.  His preferred murder weapon of choice is the machete, but Jason will use whatever he can get his hands on to get the job done.

Enjoy the festivities on this All Hallows’ Eve, my little ghosts and ghouls, but tonight if you hear a strange noise under your bed, something scratching at your window, or some rustling in the woodlands near your home, don’t investigate.  It just may be the Boogeyman.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell


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