So Sayeth the Odinson: Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel vs. Capcom vs. DC: Part 1 of 3

Greetings from the Odinson,

Thanks to the miracle of modern gaming, we have witnessed the ultimate crossovers of several universes.  Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Marvel vs. Capcom have treated fanboys everywhere to the ultimate “what if?” scenarios when it comes to the age old question – Who would win between…?  Captain America vs. Ryu, Deathstroke vs. Scorpion, Captain Marvel vs. Raiden, Hulk vs. Zangief – these are the match-ups of a lifetime, heavyweight bouts that keep us on the edge of our seats.

But we’ve seen these match-ups now.  The Odinson wants more!  Would the Powers that Be have the guts to give us the ultimate “fight game?”  It would take a lot of cooperation and ego-checking but is there anyway possible that the Powers that Be could somehow work it out and provide us with – Marvel vs. DC, Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat, DC vs. Capcom, or, the ultimate Golden Ticket – Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter?!

We’ve seen MK vs. DC and we’ve seen Marvel vs. Capcom, but what if they flip-flopped?  What would happen if the Greatest Super Heroes of the DC Universe were to take on the cornucopia of colorful characters from the Capcom Universe, and what if the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe were challenged to Mortal Kombat by the Champions of Earthrealm and the denizens of Outworld?

Let’s find out.

Part 1: Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel

Raiden vs. Thor – Thunder god vs. thunder god!  It’s a clash of titans that in the end can never truly have a winner.  Evenly matched in pure raw power and combat skills it wouldn’t be long before our resident deities take themselves out of the equation, realizing that this is a contest of mortals that must be decided by mortals and mortals alone.  Winner: Tie.

Goro vs. Luke Cage – Goro is a half-human/half-dragon eight-foot tall mutant with four arms of terror that possess the power to bludgeon his opponents into bloody submission.  Power Man possesses diamond-hard fists that can crush cinder blocks into powder and unbreakable skin that makes him nearly impossible to hurt.  Luke Cage is as tough an opponent as they come, but Goro is a nine time Mortal Kombat Champion.  He’s fought against the best fighters each generation has had to offer for over a thousand years.  He’s strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Cage and cunning enough to overcome his adversary.  Winner:  Goro.

Johnny Cage vs. Daredevil – Cage is a cocky Hollywood martial arts movie star with the moves to back up the hype.  Matt Murdock is a blind super ninja whose other four senses have been augmented to superhuman levels allowing him to observe the world in a manner nobody else can possibly imagine.  Johnny Cage may look cool in his signature sunglasses, but when his signature splits-blow-below-the-belt move fails against Daredevil’s radar senses, it’s not long before Cage goes down for the count.  Winner: Daredevil.

Kano vs. Punisher – Kano is a professional criminal and murderer with a bionic eye and a master knife fighter.  Frank Castle is a former Special Forces commando that has declared war on the criminal element.  Kano quickly learns that it was a bad idea to bring a knife to a gunfight.  FATALITY!  Winner:  Punisher.

Baraka vs. Wolverine – Baraka is a Tarkatan warlord from the wastelands of Outworld.  He is a vicious fighter able to rend his opponents limb-from-limb with his clawed hands, razor sharp teeth, and two-foot bone talons that extend from his Popeye-like forearms.  Logan has unbreakable bones, Adamantium claws that can cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound.  These two berserkers would rip into each other with a ferocity that would terrify any onlookers.  Each of them would give as good as they got and both would be brought to death’s door, but only one of them would be able to survive to Round 2.  Winner:  Wolverine.

Mileena vs. Elektra – Mileena is the vicious sai-wielding twin sister of Princess Kitanna.  Her cruel laughter echoes throughout the battlefield as she relentlessly bombards her opponent with sai blasts, rolling attacks, and rains down on them seemingly as if from nowhere.  Elektra is a master ninja and arguably the deadliest woman alive.  She is a master of weapons, especially her signature weapon, the sai.  Mileena is definitely a worthy adversary and though she will not escape unscathed, Elektra wins because having already died once before and returned from the grave, death holds no fear over her.  And an opponent that does not fear dying is the most dangerous adversary of all.  Winner: Elektra.

Reptile vs. Deadpool – Reptile, a lizard-like ninja with superhuman reflexes and speed and wicked whip-like tongue, is able to spew venomous acid from his mouth that can melt flesh and bone.  Wade Wilson is the Merc with a Mouth, an insane assassin who is a master of weapons and deadly combatant, but most importantly, he’s utterly insane.  Reptile’s speed and agility allow him to stay one step ahead of his opponent’s attacks.  But Reptile would find his foe perplexing as he continues to get back up after sustaining injuries that would have killed a normal adversary many times over.  Growing tired of the game, Reptile would lash out with his vicious tongue, lop off Deadpool’s head and swallow it where it would be dissolved by the acids in his belly.  Even Deadpool can’t come back from that attack, right?  Winner: Reptile.

Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider – Scorpion is a spectral assassin from the NetherRealm brought back from the fires of Hades to seek revenge on Sub-Zero, the man that murdered his family.  Johnny Blaze is possessed by the demon Zarathos and now walks the earth seeking to avenge the spilled blood of the innocent.  It’s Spirit of Vengeance vs. Spirit of Vengeance in a fiery no-holds-barred heavyweight fight for the ages.  Ghost Rider’s Hellfire is meant to sear the soul, but when Scorpion has no soul left to burn, the spectral ninja’s burning hate proves too much for his fiery-skulled opponent.  Winner:  Scorpion.

Shang Tsung vs. Moon Knight – Shang Tsung is an ageless sorcerer with the power to shape-change and absorb the souls of fallen warriors.  Marc Spector is the earthly avatar of the Egyptian moon deity Konshu.  He is armed with an array of crime-fighting skills and weapons and an unwavering determination to win the fight no matter what.  However, to face Shang Tsung is to face a thousand foes.  The Fists of Konshu are deadly indeed, but the power of Shang Tsung is undeniable.  Shang Tsung absorbs Marc Spector’s soul and adds it to the rest.  The only problem is Marc Spector’s is a fractured psyche.  Moon Knight’s spilt personalities and splintered sanity would drive the demon sorcerer insane.  Winner:  Shang Tsung (sort of).

Sonya Blade vs. Black Widow – Sonya Blade is a Special Forces officer determined to hunt down the man that murdered her partner – Kano – even if that means tracking him to some mystical realm of demons, mutants and monsters to do it.  Natasha Romanova is a master spy and world class assassin whose fighting and tactical skills allow her to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Black Widow is one of the most dangerous adversaries around, but Sonya Blade is the most determined woman alive and nothing is going to keep her from bringing Kano to justice – nothing.    Winner: Sonya Blade.

Jax Briggs vs. Captain America – Jax is a Special Forces officer that has had his arms replaced by robotic implants giving him the strength he needs to take on virtually any supernatural adversary.  Steve Rogers is a super soldier with peak human strength, speed, and reflexes and a tactical mind that is off the charts.  Jax is a powerful foe, but Cap is the world’s ultimate fighting machine and armed with his indestructible shield, there are few foes that he can’t overcome.  Winner:  Captain America.

Kitana vs. White Tiger – Kitanna is a thousand-year-old princess that has mastered the blade-fan and aids the heroes of Earthrealm against the evil emperor Shao Khan.  Angela Del Toro is a second generation hero who possesses a mystical amulet that grants her superhuman martial arts skills.  The White Tiger is a neophyte hero while Kitanna has centuries of fighting experience on her side.  Winner: Kitanna.

Kung Lao vs. Iron Fist – Kung Lao is the descendant of a great warrior and a master of kung-fu.  His mantis style combined with his flashing razor-edged hat make him extremely dangerous.  Danny Rand was raised to become the ultimate Living Weapon in a mystical city that sits at the nexus between realms.  He is the Immortal Iron Fist and one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the earth.  Pretty evenly matched, these two adversaries could fight for hours without one side or the other ever gaining a true advantage.  However, one shot from the power of the Iron Fist and Kung Lao is down for the count.  Winner:  Iron Fist.

Sub-Zero vs. Blade – Sub-Zero is a Chinese ninja warrior with the elemental power of cold.  He is able to freeze opponents and create weapons of solid ice.  He is a most dangerous adversary.  Blade is half-human/half-vampire.  He is the Daywalker.  He possesses all the power of the undead without any of their weaknesses and he is armed to the teeth with an array of weapons designed solely for killing.  Sub-Zero does not escape this battle unscathed, but his powers over cold prove to be the deciding factor in the end.  Winner:  Sub-Zero.

Liu Kang vs. Shang Chi – Liu Kang is the youngest but also the fastest warrior in the tournament.  He is a Shaolin monk that was trained from birth to compete in the Mortal Kombat Tournament and defend Earthrealm from the invading forces of Outworld.  Shang Chi is the undisputed Master of Kung-Fu.  His martial arts prowess and borderline superhuman speed and ability make him arguably the greatest unarmed combatant alive.  This is the battle to end all battles!  These two masters are so evenly matched that the Odinson cannot call a winner.  They could fight for days and never be able to determine who the one true master is.  Ha, the competition would be long over and these two would still be going at it.  Winner:  Tie.

Final Score: Mortal Kombat Universe: 7 – Marvel Universe: 6 – Tie: 2

WINNER: Mortal Kombat

Thanks to licensing agreements and copyrights, there is no way any of these match-ups will ever happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.  Be here next week when the Odinson pits the heroes and villains of the DC Universe against the Street Fighters and Manga/Anime Superstars of the Capcom Universe.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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I am a lifelong comics fan and pop culture enthusiast. Comic books, novels, games, television, movies, I love it all. From fantasy to science fiction, drama to comedy, as long as the writing and execution are interesting, I love it, and I want to talk about it.

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