New Comics Week 4/12/17: In Which Comics Are Getting Cheaper For Once!

Before I get to the books out this week, I wanted to let all of you wonderful know about one of the coolest things that’s happened in the industry in a while. Alterna Comics is launching a slate of titles soon that are printed on newsprint AND priced at $1.50 and most of them are in full color. It’s such a cool initiative that got us pretty excited even before reading them. After Alterna graciously hooked us up with advances of their #1’s, I think we can confidently say that these books are the deal of the century. They’re all still available for preorder, which means with our preorder discount you could try out FOUR comics for the price of ONE big two book. You can find their full lineup here gonna talk about a few of my faves and include links to previews so you can see for yourself. –

Croak is a horror comic that starts out with the classic trope of three teens going on a camping trip and getting lost and encountering something spooky but has a killer hook at the end and a great sense of atmosphere thanks to artist Francesco Iaquinta’s JRJR by way of Sean Murphy art.

It’s hard to do a zombie comic in a post Walking Dead world, but writer/artist Jeff McComsey has hit the nail on the head with Mother Russia. In 1943 Stalingrad, a zombie outbreak has put an end to one war and started a new one. As a Russian sniper sits barricaded in a tower with a stockpile of ammo, slowly counting down her remaining days, she notices a living child and decides she has to act. It’s a fast-paced, seriously exciting issue that pretty much consists of one kinetic action sequence.

Scrimshaw is one of those books that I feel like has been somehow tailored to my exact tastes. It’s a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk thrill ride where large corporations, mercenaries, and pirates all clash in a futuristic Tokyo that sits protected from the rising sea levels by a giant wall. The art looks like it jumped right out of MTV’s old Liquid Television block and the story hits a sweet spot between William Gibson and Waterworld.

My personal favorite of the bunch is Trespasser, which takes the post-apocalyptic genre to claustrophobic new heights. It’s the story of a man and his young daughter who live in a secluded cabin in the mountains far away from the radiation that permeates most of the rest of the world. Not far enough though, that they aren’t scrounging for safe food with the aid of their adorable five legged German Shepard. I don’t even want to get close to giving away the hook but folks, lemme tell you- it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in a looooooooong time.

X-Men Blue #1 likely doesn’t have any controversial hidden messages that will cause it to become a ‘collector’s item’, but it is a very solid start to getting the O5 back on track. Every since Bendis (or Beast, if you will) brought the fresh-faced original group of X-Men to the present, they’ve felt a little aimless. This fresh start from Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina finds the team fighting Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut on a boat. It’s a fun battle that highlights the shifting dynamics of Jean taking the role of team leader from Scott and the characters’ ‘classic’ personalities. The most exciting part of the book for me comes in the last few pages and though this info has been out there for a bit, I’ll still say SPOILERS AHEAD…okay, now that that’s out of the way- Magneto is their mentor and they’re based out of Madripoor. Rad, right?

Speaking of the X-Men, they show up in the alternate universe of Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #6 and while they look familiar in their classic 90’s costumes, the dynamics and role of the team in this reality are strikingly different from anything you’ve seen before. I won’t give any of it away, because it’s REALLY fun to watch it unfold but if you haven’t tried this book out yet, now is the dang time.


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