So Sayeth the Odinson: It’s Fight Night 2017 with the Odinson: Part 1

Greetings from the Odinson,


Ding!  Ding!  It’s time once again, boys and girls, for that time-honored tradition when the Odinson thinks about the super heroes (and villains) he’d love to see duke it out for the Heavyweight Championship.


It’s Fight Night 2017 with the Odinson: Part 1


This year I think I have a very interesting bout to officiate.  This will be truly an earth-shaking event.  Today we will learn who is tougher, the super heroes and villains of the Invincible Universe, or the kung fu super fighters from Dragon Ball Z?


NOTE:  The highest level any Saiyan can achieve in this contest is Super Saiyan Full Power, as achieved by Goku and Gohan in the Cell Games.  There will be no Super Saiyan Gods here, because that just wouldn’t be fair now would it?


Let us begin.


Gohan vs. Omni-Man – Young Gohan is the scion of the greatest fighter in the cosmos.  Half human/half Saiyan, Gohan has shown to be a conduit for immense psionic powers almost since he could crawl, powers that have just grown exponentially over time.  In preparation for the Cell Games, Gohan, like his father, has achieved the full power of the Super Saiyan form.  Omni-Man comes from a race of alien warriors whose superior powers and abilities run awfully parallel to those of Earthbound Kryptonians.  Omni-Man was on a mission to infiltrate planet Earth’s super hero community and cripple it from within, which he did when he assassinated the Guardians of the Globe.  His loyalty to his mission trumped almost everything, everything except the love for his family.

Winner: Team Z.  Physically, they are pretty even, especially if Gohan is in final Super Saiyan mode.  However, the true potential to Gohan’s power levels have never really been seen, and as he showed against Cell, he always has another gear.


Krillin vs. The Immortal – Never judge a Z Fighter by his size.  The diminutive Krillin is a vastly accomplished martial artist, a loyal friend, and he has dodged or overcome death more times than I can remember.  The Immortal has been walking the earth for centuries and has played a role in many major historical events and battles.

Winner: Team Invincible.  With his wisdom, the Immortal finally gets to win a fight.


Yamcha vs. Monster Girl – Funny, bashful Yamcha was a desert scavenger who with his Wolf-Fang-Fist fighting style became one of the world’s strongest fighters.  His one weakness though is his debilitating shyness around girls.  Monster Girl is an immensely powerful beast with super strength and durability.  However, this is just one form she wears for Monster Girl is in fact a human girl sometimes trapped in a monster’s body.

Winner: Team Invincible.  Even if he overcomes his shyness, once Amanda transformers into her beast mode, she is just durable enough to survive Yamcha’s Wolf-Fang-Fist attack and after that, for Yamcha, it’s lights out.


Bulma vs. Dupli-Kate – Bulma is a professional explorer and adventurer with a pocket full of gadgets and a heart full of unwavering courage.  Dupli-Kat is a member of the current Guardians of the Globe that can, you guessed it, make duplicates of herself.

Winner: Team Z.  While replication may be a neat party trick, Bulma has just the thing in her sack of goodies for just such an occasion.  Just give her a moment to find it.


Chi-Chi vs. Atom Eve – Chi-Chi is the daughter of a mighty warrior and a capable fighter herself.  Her true power comes from her rage and over protectiveness of her family and friends.  Atom Eve has the ability to manipulate matter on an atomic level.

Winner: Team Invincible.  As long as Eve can avoid letting Chi-Chi get her hands on her, she should be able to eventually over power her opponent.


Garlic Jr. vs. Dinosaurus – Garlic, Jr. is a diminutive little immortal with the ability to siphon power from other sources, living or inanimate.  He is always accompanied by a gang of henchmen known as the Spice Boys.  Dinosaurus has a genius level intellect and the super tough body of a humanoid T-Rex.  He wants to save the world by extinguishing mankind.

Winner: Team Invincible.  Physically, Dinosaurus could shred the Spice Boys and eventually overpower even Garlic, Jr., but in the end, he’d probably just outsmart them.  Staying one step ahead of his opponent every step of the way, Dinosaurus wouldn’t even have to lift a finger to defeat his adversary.


The Ginyu Force vs. The Lizard League – The Ginyu Force is an elite team of galactic mercenaries that have taken striking a pose to the next level.  Though the Ginyu Force is comprised of five of the mightiest fighters in the galaxy, they are not what you’d call great thinkers, but what they lack in smarts, they more than make up for in brawn.  Their leader, Captain Ginyu, is an exceptional fighter with a finishing move that can completely turn the tables on his opponent, a devilish technique that allows the villain to swap bodies with his enemy.  The Lizard League is a reptile-themed private merc army that bears a striking resemblance to GI Joe’s arch foe Cobra.

Winner: Team Z.  The Lizard League may have the numbers and the hardware, but in the end, the Ginyu Force would simply overpower them.  Besides they are just too dumb to realize they shouldn’t win this fight.


Tien and Chiaotzu vs. The Mauler Twins – Tien is a superb martial artists that has achieved a higher level of consciousness.  He is able to focus his chi into all sorts of amazing psionic abilities and powers.  However, being only human, Tien is unable to ever achieve the level of power his Saiyan allies are able to.  His partner, Chiaotzu, is a small humanoid that is a weak hand-to-hand combatant, but he more than makes up for this with his powers of telekinesis and telepathy.  The Mauler Twins are hulking brothers (clones actually) with super human strength, super human intellects, and an endless argument about who is the authentic Mauler.

Winner: Team Z.  Physically, the Maulers can give the Z Fighters all they can handle, plus the villains have an array of inventions and hardware to push Tien and Chiaotzu’s psionic powers to their limits, but in the end, Tien is the strongest Z Fighter that does not have Saiyan or Namekian blood coursing through his veins and he would eventually lay the smack down on the Mauler Twins.


Standings: Team Z: 4/ Team Invincible: 4


This has turned out to be quite the brawl.  Tune in next week when the heavyweights of this contest of champions enter the ring.


This is Odinson bidding thee farewell


NOTE: The Odinson has written a book.  It is my love letter to the slasher genre of the 1980s.  For those interested, there are still a few FREE copies available to read online.  Just follow this link – The Survivors: A Glen Haven Tale.


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