What’s Good? 7/5/17

What’s up fellow nerds! Here’s (some of) what we’re loving from this week’s new releases!


Babyteeth #2: Don Cates and Garry Brown’s antichrist baby story continues in a second issue that really opens up the story. Big ideas, great character work, and a take on the sub-genre that feels genuinely original It’s top-notch horror from two super talented dudes, what more could you want?


Batman #26: After last week’s chilling prologue, the War of Jokes and Riddles begins in earnest as Tom King jumps headfirst into his first really epic Bat-story.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7: It’s back baby! And while it may seem…ambitious of a title that ships so infrequently to start a 6-part arc, this issue kicks off ‘Witch War’ which sees Sabrina’s father back from the dead and inhabiting the body of Harvey Kinkle and coming into conflict with Hilda and Zelda.


Daredevil #23: Charles Soule’s best DD arc yet has Matt Murdock attempting to set legal precedent that would allow heroes to testify in court without revealing their identities. It’s a story perfectly suited to only two characters in comics…and the other one shows up this week!


Green Arrow #26: One of DC’s most underrated titles, this week’s issue sends Ollie back to his roots as a hard-travelin’ hero as goes on a road trip, stopping along the way to make amends with some of his peers, starting with Flash!


Predator Hunters #3: The best Predator series in years rolls along nicely. It’s got a perfect, exploitation-y vibe with hardboiled heroes, dismemberment, and a crazy mythology that posits that Spingheel Jack was a Predator.


Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #1: And here I thought I would never genuinely recommend a comic based on a mobile game. Seriously y’all, the Rick and Morty comics are brilliant. Honestly some of the best licensed stuff around.


Rock Candy Mountain #4: Creator Kyle Starks is one of the people responsible for making the aforementioned Rick and Morty comics so freakin’ great, so do yourself a favor and check out his epic tale of a hobo who can’t be beaten in battle searching for the mythical Rock Candy Mountain.


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