So Sayeth the Odinson: The Top 5 Most Impressive Magneto Moments

Greetings from the Odinson,

We have seen Cyclops blast giant robots to scrap metal with his optic eye-beams.  We have witnessed the Hulk use monstrous might to prop up an entire mountain range.  We watched in sheer terror as the Dark Phoenix consumed an entire sun, effectively destroying all life in afar off galaxy.  And, we have seen the amount of universal devastation that can be wrought by a simple snap of the fingers fueled by the unparalleled power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Whether it’s incredible feats of strength by Hercules or spectacular displays of mystic might by Doctor Strange, the Marvel Universe is full of amazing and powerful people that can do extraordinary and astonishing things. Among the titans that reside in Marvel’s pantheon of powerful heroes and villains there is one that has racked up some truly spectacular achievements. 

Magneto the Master of Magnetism.   

Easily one of the most feared foes in the entire Marvel Universe, Magneto has led a very complicated existence, always straddling the line between would-be world-conquering arch villain and tormented anti-hero.  Since making his startling debut over fifty years ago in the pages of X-Men #1, Magneto has displayed some truly astonishing feats of power. 

Proving he is a true force to be reckoned with, from the Children of the Atom to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Magneto has fought the best and mightiest the Marvel U has to offer, and many times he has proven victorious.  He has faced off and stood his ground against the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Defenders, and the Champions.  Proving he will take on all challengers,Magneto has even squared off with many foes from the super villain community including the Black King and Doctor Doom.  

Magneto once erected a force field so strong that it could deflect mighty blows from Thor’s hammer and She-Hulk’s Gamma-charged fists at the same time (see Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars).  And, he held his ground against the psychokinetic onslaught of a Phoenix Force empowered Jean Grey while at the same time parrying the blows of her fellow X-Men (see Uncanny X-Men #113)!

That is pretty impressive stuff, for sure.  However, those were all just warm-ups when compared to some of Magneto’s other truly spectacular achievements.

The Odinson’s Top 5 Most Impressive Magneto Moments

5 – Magneto Humbles the Red Skull – Now, before anyone starts in with, of course Magneto beats the Red Skull, he doesn’t have any super powers, allow me to explain.  The Red Skull, for all intense and purposes,is the evil Steve Rogers.  His consciousness resides in a cloned body of Captain America, giving him all the physical attributes of the Star-Spangled super soldier, without any of the virtuousness and decency.  The Red Skull is one of the most cunning, evil, and feared villains in the entire Marvel Universe. 

Whether it was through obtaining the Cosmic Cube,access to the Power Cosmic, stealing the brain of Professor X, or unlocking the power of Onslaught, the Red Skull has achieved almost godlike status on more than one occasion.  And, lest we forget, it is the Red Skull that orchestrates the downfall of the super heroes in the world of Old Man Logan.  The Red Skull gives even the most stalwart of heroes nightmares.

That is why it was so startling to see even someone as powerful as the Master of Magnetism so handedly and utterly defeat the Nazi villain during the Acts of Vengeance campaign.  This is a slight that has not been forgotten and has come back to haunt Magneto a time or two like it did on Battleworld

The Odinson foresees many more showdowns in the future for these two perennial Marvel Big Bads.            

4 – Magneto vs. Thor – Thor is easily one of the most powerful super heroes in all of comics, let alone one of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Beyond his unearthly strength, his immortal lineage, and his ability to call down the thunder, Thor’s mystic hammer is one of the most powerful artifacts in the cosmos.  But to Magneto, Mjolnir is just another piece of metal to be manipulated.  Plus, as Old Man Hawkeye has revealed,  Magneto was a major factor for the fall of the hammer during the super villain uprising.     

3 – Magneto vs. Cosmic Spider-Man – At one point during the crazy 90s,  Spidey suddenly found himself empowered with the cosmic might of Captain Universe.  More specifically, the Uni-Power, an immeasurably powerful source of cosmic energy whose true limits are unknown.  With this newfound power Spider-Man was able to soundly defeat a murderers’ row of some the strongest beings in the Marvel U including Graviton, the Tri-Sentinel, and the Hulk!

Magneto, however, stood his ground, even against a force as powerful as Captain Universe.    

2 – Magneto vs. Apocalypse – En Sabah Nur is a 5,000 year old mutant tyrant that lives by the creed only the strong survive.  He is one of those characters whose powers are off the charts.  He has a very ambiguous mutant power that literally allows him to do just about anything you can imagine.  Plus, he wears battle armor powered by the super science of the cosmic titans known as the Celestials

In the final showdown that would ultimately decide the fate of the Age of Apocalypse, the world’s two most powerful mutants – Magneto and Apocalypse – collided in a battle for the ages. 

In one mind-blowing moment that has to be seen to be believed, Magneto shows Apocalypse just who is the strongest one there is.        

1 – Magneto vs. Proteus –This is an amazing moment in Comics History that actually made the Odinson audibly gasp when it happened.  Just in case there is some people that are not quite familiar with the character Proteus and why this moment is so beyond amazing, here’s a quick history. 

Kevin MacTaggert is the son of longtime X-Men ally Moira MacTaggert. He was born a mutant with the uncanny ability to warp reality, and the terrifying need to feed off the life force of other living beings.  He does this by psychically possessing another person’s body, but the side effect is that his power burns up that body so quickly that he must find another host, leaving his victim a burnt husk.  He was locked away at the research facility on Muir Island.  There he remained until he escaped and faced off against the X-Men. 

His reality warping powers completely dismantled the mutant heroes. So terrifying are his abilities that Proteus even unnerved Wolverine to the point of being too scared to fight. Proteus has been shown to easily overpower many extremely strong adversaries like Mimic, Justice,and even Hulk 2099.  As a lifelong Marvel fan, the Odinson has always thought that Proteus was easily one of the scariest villains the X-Men have ever faced,  and, just this side of the Dark Phoenix, the most powerful. 

So, when Magneto answered the bell, not only did he stand his ground against the reality-bending power of Proteus, but in the end, he actually overpowered and defeated monster. 

It was mighty impressive indeed.        

Honorable Mentions:

Marvel Zombies – In a world where a monstrous plague has turned the world’s heroes and villains into flesh-eating monsters, Magneto was the last man standing.  Even though Magneto ultimately fell, the fact that these undead super-powered creatures feared him is a testament to the power Magneto wields. 

Ultimate Magneto – He used his immense power to actually tilt the entire planet on its axis causing global devastation and flooding the entire city of New York.  In the matter of only a few panels, he snuffed out countless lives, including dozens of prominent super heroes. 

Magneto, he’s one of the most complicated and intriguing characters in the history of popular fiction, and he is easily one of the most powerful with an impressive résumé of amazing feats of power that the Odinson would stack up against anyone.   

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     


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