So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson Celebrates the Limited-Series: Part 8 of 8 – Dark Horse: The 1980s

Greetings from the Odinson,

The Odinson’s first Maxi Series celebrating the Limited Series concludes.

The Odinson Celebrates the Limited-Series: Part 8 of 8 – Dark Horse: The 1980s

The Book of Night (1987)Format: 3 issues.  Plot: In a world of myth and magic, the forces of darkness seek to engulf the land with chaos and disorder.  Only two children stand in their way – The Children of the Stars.  The Odinson’s Thoughts:  Charles Vess is an amazing fantasy artist whose work with the equally amazing Neil Gaiman on Stardust was adapted into a film starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Nero. 

The Mark (1987)Format: 6 issues.  Plot: In an alternate history where the dictates of a Nazi regime rule society with an iron fist, only one man dares to oppose the totalitarian rule of these oppressors.  He is the mysterious masked vigilante known simply as The Mark.  The Odinson’s Thoughts:  Though these types of stories are pretty common in the worlds of fiction, it is worth noting there are similarities with this tale and Alan Moore’s seminal V for Vendetta tale which started in the pages of Warrior five years before The Mark.  

Mecha (1987)Format: 6 issues.  Plot: A teenager’s world is turned upside down when he suddenly finds himself the pilot of a walking WMD and thrust headlong into a battle against a threat from beyond the stars.  It is giant robots fighting.  What’s not to love?  The Odinson’s Thoughts: At the time this comic came out, the Odinson, thanks in no small part to Robotech, was becoming a huge anime fan.  Dark Horse really should get more credit for championing the integration of Japanese style entertainment into American pop culture and comic books at a time when that wasn’t as prevalent as it is today.     

Trekker (1987)Format: 6 issues.  Plot: Follow the harrowing exploits of a tough-as-nails bounty hunter in the 23rd century as her journey takes her from the skyscrapers of a retro-futuristic cityscape to the barren dunes of the wastelands and even to the stars.  The Odinson’s Thoughts:  Creator Ron Randall (Supergirl, Arak) takes bits and pieces from Star Wars, Blade Runner, Judge Dredd, and the Best of Heavy Metal Magazine, throws them all into a blender, and produces a pretty fun sci-fi cocktail. 

Wacky Squirrel (1987)Format: 4 issues.  Plot: From the pages of Boris the Bear comes Boris’ erstwhile pain in the neck.  The Odinson’s ThoughtsBoris the Bear was an outstanding comedy series from Dark Horse in the 80s and it would stand to reason that it, like all great franchises, would produce a, pardon the pun, wacky spin off.  Wacky Squirrel #1 and #4 feature homage cover art to Boris the Bear #1 and Action Comics #1.  This was in a time before homage covers became the staple they are today.     

Aliens (1988)Format: 6 issues.  Plot: In this direct sequel to James Cameron’s masterpiece Aliens, Hicks and a grown up Newt are called in to spearhead a mission to destroy the Xenomorph’s homeworld.  What starts out as a mission to destroy the aliens, turns into the opening silos of a war the human race may not survive.  The Odinson’s Thoughts:  With over 30 years of hindsight and over half-a-dozen Aliens related films in the bag, THIS is the Aliens sequel the movie going fans deserved. 

Aliens (1989)Format: 4 issues.  Plot: Planet Earth has been overrun with an alien infestation!  Hicks and Newt join up with the last vanguard of marines for a final desperate attempt to take back our world.  The Odinson’s Thoughts: Yet another solid and worthy continuation of what James Cameron started in Aliens.  It just makes you shake your head that Hollywood did not use these tales for at least one movie sequel. 

Godzilla (1988)Format: 6 issues.  Plot: Thought dead for 30 years, the mighty leviathan known as Godzilla rises up from the depths to finish what he started back in 1954…the utter destruction of Tokyo!  The Odinson’s Thoughts:  In this follow up to 1987’s King of the Monsters Special, this tale is a direct sequel to the first Godzilla film from 1954 and an adaptation of the film Godzilla 1985.   

Predator (1989)Format: 4 issues.  Plot: The galaxy’s deadliest hunters return, only this time the sweltering jungles of South America are not their hunting ground.  They turn their attention to New York City, the concrete jungle.  The Odinson’s Thoughts: Many elements of this story were used by the filmmakers that produced Predator 2 the movie. 

Thus concludes the Odinson’s 8-part Maxi Series celebrating the origins of the Limited Series.  I covered all the major limited series from the big two – Marvel and DC – and the emerging industry power – Dark Horse Comics – from the 1980s.  Be on the lookout for a future installment as the Odinson will take a look at how more gold was mined from the Limited Series format in the 1990s.    

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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