So Sayeth the Odinson: Mind, Body, and Soul or: How the Marvel Universe is All Connected

Greetings from the Odinson,

Mind, Body, and Soul or: How the Marvel Universe is All Connected

In order for any organism to function, the mind, body, and soul must function in unison.  The body is the machine, the soul is the energy that fuels the machine, and the mind is the wheel that steers the ship.  If any aspect of this operation is malfunctioning it affects the other two.  When all three are in harmony, life goes on, the world continues to turn, and the cosmos is just a bit less chaotic.

How does this relate to an idea like say the Marvel Universe?  First, we need to establish our aspects.  What constitutes the Mind, Body, and Soul of the organism that is the Marvel Universe?  

The Marvel Universe


These are the hands that rock the cradle, the navigators of possibilities, and manipulators of actions.  They are the cosmic entities, the abstracts.

1 – Lady Death – The physical personification of death.

2 – Kronos – The primordial titan and master of time.

3 – Celestials – They are the enigmatic judges, jury, and executioners of creation whose purpose and understandings are incomprehensible to mere mortals. 

4 – Lord Chaos/Master Order – They are the ever swaying pendulum seeking perfect balance in existence but never truly achieving it as the weight strays too far in one direction of the other.   

5 – Galactus –The Devourer of Worlds.  Power incarnate.

6 – Eternity/Infinity – The manifestation of all that is, was, or ever will be, a concept given a form that the mortal mind can try to understand, but the truth is too limitless to actually fathom.


These are the gears that spin the planets, move the celestial bodies, and enforce the fundamental laws of reality.

1 – The Phoenix Force – It is the manifestation of life and death, a personification of ultimate psionic energy, and an inevitable truth that can never be avoided.  Manipulators of this Function: Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, and the Phoenix Five.

2 – Continuity – This is the natural order of things.  A connection to the past, present, and future whose very existence is reality, but it is a reality that can be manipulated, damaged, retconned, and rebooted.  Manipulators of this Function: Kang the Conqueror, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, and Cable.

3 – The Star Brand – It is a conduit to the vast potential of the cosmos, a tool that can make anything possible and is limited only by the imagination of the mind that wields it.  Manipulators of this Function: Kenneth Connell, Quasar, and Vnn.

4 – The Odinforce – It is the power over order and chaos, a stern ruling hand with a heavy heart that knows in order to obtain peace, one must prepare for war.  Manipulators of this FunctionOdin, Balder, and Thor.

5 – The Power Cosmic – This is a force of nature, a lion’s roar, an indomitable truth, a madman’s crutch, a good man’s rock, and the tsunami of action.  Manipulators of this Function: The Silver Surfer, Terrax the Tamer, Michael Korvac, and Nova.

6 – The Uni-Power/Enigma Force – This is a universal anti-body, a galactic failsafe.  Manipulators of this Function: Steve Coffin, Spider-Man, and the Invisible Woman.


These are the batteries of the cosmos, the source of power that feeds the cosmic energies, the elemental building blocks of the universe.  They are the Infinity Stones, or as they were first referred to as, the Soul Gems

1 – The Soul Gem – It has complete dominion over life, death, and resurrection.  It is a gateway between the land of the living and the afterlife.  Wielders of the Gem: Adam Warlock, the In-Betweener, and the Gardener.

2 – The Time Gem – It allows perception into the past, present, and future and control over time as well as the ability to travel through it.  Wielders of the Gem: Gamora, Maxim, and the Super Skrull.

3 – The Space Gem – Intercontinental, universal, planes-walking – distance and the space between is irrelevant.  Its scope is omnipresent.  Wielders of the Gem: The Runner, the Hood, and Pip the Troll.

4 – The Mind Gem – It is able to access thoughts, dreams, and even the subconscious.  No idea, concept, or desire is beyond the gem’s inquiry.  Wielders of the Gem: The Grandmaster, Moondragon, and Professor X.

5 – The Power Gem – The power of this gem increases strength and manipulation of energy to immeasurable degrees, and when coupled with the other five gems, grants omnipotence.  Wielders of the GemThe Champion, Titania, and Drax the Destroyer.

6 – The Reality Gem – It is the genie in a bottle.  Any wish, any desire can be granted, including the manipulation and alteration of events, probabilities, universal laws, and reality itself.  Wielders of the GemThe Collector, the Stranger, and Black Bolt.

These are the abstracts, mechanisms, and energies that act as the Mind, Body, and Soul of the Marvel Universe.  When they work as a harmonious troika, the Marvel U is relatively calm and the heroes can pay attention to everyday trials and tribulations like purse-snatchers, bank robbers, and overzealous mad scientists.  However, when the cosmic apple cart gets upset, things can get real Apocalyptic, real quick.


The Beyonder – During the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, the nigh omnipotent being known simply as the One from Beyond, manipulated and played with Earth’s Mightiest heroes and most dangerous super villains like they were his toys.  Then, in Secret Wars II, he followed this act up by trying to learn the meaning of life.  However, as he stumbled through this endeavor with childlike innocence and wanton abandon, he left a trail of broken and changed heroes and villains in his wake, earned the ire of the Marvel U’s cosmic abstracts, and caused a final confrontation that nearly blinked all reality out of existence in an instant.  Even in the aftermath of the battle, it took the combined power of Molecule Man and the Silver Surfer to save planet Earth from destruction.      

The Incursions – When the Illuminati used the Infinity Gauntlet to keep two realities from crashing into each, a collision that would have resulted in their mutual destruction, the act destroyed the Infinity Stones, thus thrusting all reality into an uncertain future.    

And, perhaps the most egregious…

The Snap – When the Mad Titan, Thanos, assembled all six Infinity Stones, something that should never, ever be done, he became omnipotent, snapped his fingers, and effectively wiped out half the population in the universe in an instant.  This drew all the powers of the cosmos into a universal conflict that nearly resulted in the utter annihilation of everything!

Within the Marvel Universe, when the Mind (ex. Eternity/Infinity), Body (ex. Captain Universe), and Soul (ex. The Reality Gem) are working in unison, everything is as right as peas and carrots.  But when all cylinders are not firing, the Marvel Universe ends up with a cosmic upheaval like Heroes Reborn.    


Now, I know what ye are thinking.  “But, Odinson, what about Magic?”

Where does magic fit into all of this?

Magic exist outside the realm of reason, with its own abstracts like Mephisto, Nightmare, Shuma-Gorath, and Cyttorak, its own manipulators like Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, Morgan Le Fay, Ghost Rider, and its own tools like the Ebony Blade and the Eye of Agamotto.

At its best, magic is chaotic and unpredictable.  Magic demands a price.  Trying to assign meaning to the mysteries of the supernatural is like trying to catch the wind with a butterfly net.   

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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