So Sayeth the Odinson: Marvel vs. DC: The B-List Bouts

Greetings from the Odinson,

It all started in 1976 with Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man.  Once that crack between worlds appeared, the dam crumbled and the floodgates opened.  Over the next few decades, comic fans were treated to the ultimate Marvel vs. DC showdowns, mashups, and crossovers ranging from Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk to the New Teen Titans and the Uncanny X-Men.    

Fans everywhere salivated as they were treated to implausible face offs and team-ups like Green Lantern and the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man and Batman, and Superman and the Fantastic Four.  As well as crowd pleasing mashups like Batman vs. the Punisher and Superman vs. the Incredible Hulk!

The Marvel/DC contest of champions peaked in 1996 with the Omniverse crossover event Marvel vs. DC.  And it all climaxed in 2003 with JLA/Avengers, a massive epic tale that saw the ultimate showdown and eventual team-up between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.  

Fans got to see the best of the best that Marvel and DC Comics had to offer in these clashes of a lifetime and, in many cases, come away with definitive answers to the age old question, who would win?  As glorious as it all was, there were so many match ups left unexplored.  This is where this list comes in.  We have seen the top tier bouts, but what about the B-List heroes.

After the earthmovers and sales-drivers have had their turn, its time to witness the brawls we haven’t gotten to see, yet.   

Marvel vs. DC: The B-List Bouts

With the first match up, let’s start at the street level with two masked vigilantes near and dear to the Odinson’s heart.  

Nightwing vs. Daredevil

As a child, Matt Murdock was blinded by volatile chemicals that left him blind but heightened his other four senses to super human levels giving him a super radar sense.  Plus, he was trained by Stick in the ways of Ninjutsu.  When Dick Grayson was a child acrobat in the circus, his parents were murdered by the mob.  Dick was taken in by Bruce Wayne and ultimately became Robin the Wonder.  Under the tutelage of the Caped Crusader, Dick Grayson grew to become a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, a world class detective, and one of the most resourceful and capable men on the planet. 

This is a very evenly matched contest.  Fighting skills lean ever so slightly in Daredevil’s favor, while I would say Nightwing’s acrobatic abilities are superior to even DD’s considerable agility.  Both men are experts in Eskrima, tactical fighting, and being able to improvise on the fly.  Where I feel Nightwing edges Daredevil out is that he has access to tools and weaponry Matt doesn’t have.  And, with Dick’s detective skills, the moment he figures out his opponent is blind, he’ll use that against him and figure out a way to put him down for the count. 

Plus, with all due respect to Master Stick, Nightwing was trained by Batman.      

Winner: DC.

The next round is a battle royal as the next generation of heroes fight for the right to ascension.   

The New Teen Titans vs. The New Mutants – Since the Odinson is not constrained by continuity, I will be going old school for this one.  We’re talking about the classic Marv Wolfman/George Perez Titans vs. the Chris Claremont/Bob McLeod Mutants

NOTE: These will be the early 80s incarnations of these characters.  So, all the extra powers, skills, and abilities they have accumulated over the years since do not apply.

Assuming we are all familiar with the combatants let’s dive right in.

Robin vs. Karma – With her mutant power to seize control of someone’s mind, Karma instantly tries to cut off the head of the snake by taking out her opponents’ leader, Robin.  However, Dick’s years of training under the Batman have left him with willpower that is honed to a razor’s edge.  He is able to resist and easily overpowers his adversary.   

Wonder Girl vs. Sunspot – Using the solar power of the sun to super charge his strength to super human levels, Sunspot proves up to the task of matching the physical might of Wonder Girl.  However, Donna Troy was trained in combat by the immortal Amazons and her martial skills soon overcome her rash counterpart. 

Starfire vs. Cannonball – It’s true, while blasting, Cannonball is nearly invulnerable and he can smash into opponents with the force of a cruise missile, but if his initial attacks don’t put the resilient Starfire down for the count, her superior physical prowess and combat skills will drop the enthusiastic teen.  

Changeling (Beast Boy) vs. Wolfsbane – The battle of the shape-shifters!  I just love Rahne to death, but she can only transform into a wolf.  Meanwhile, Garfield can transform into any critter from the entire animal kingdom.  In the end, elephant/bear/rhino/lion/tiger etc. beats wolf. 

Kid Flash vs. Magma – Amara is an extremely powerful pyrokinetic and her ability to call forth volcanic fissures at will would prove quite problematic for most foes, but Wally West has been battling fire based super villains like Heat Wave since he was twelve years old.  With super speed on par with his mentor the Flash, Wally K.O.s Magma before the fight can truly begin.   

Cyborg vs. Mirage – If this were a pure physical contest, Vic’s cybernetic strength and weaponry would easily overwhelm his opponent’s considerable combat skills.  However, Dani Moonstar is not called Mirage for nothing.  She is able to create illusions that draw upon people’s inner most terrifying fears, and poor Victor Stone, after the accident that ruined his life and transformed him into a scarred amalgam of man and machine, has a scarred psyche that would prove a fertile playground for someone with Mirage’s abilities.

Raven vs. Magik – Easily the most delicious match up on the docket.  Both girls have suffered tragic and horrific upbringings in demonic dimensions where they were tortured and bedeviled by monstrous father figures that left their psyches fragile and fractured.  Both are adept in magic, sorcery, and psychic powers far beyond the understanding of mere mortals.  I guess the real question is what proves triumphant – Raven’s Soul-Self or Magik’s Soulsword?  The Odinson is giving the W to the Darkchilde. 

5-2 – DCU’s next generation of heroes overpowers Xavier Institute’s underclass.      

Winner: DC.

Next, time-travel and yucks.  This should be fun.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold vs. Cable and Deadpool – Beetle and Gold are bosom buddies, erstwhile members of the Justice League, and just fun-loving guys that are just as likely to try and make a quick buck as they are to fight crime.  Deadpool is the annoying Merc with a Mouth and Cable is a hulking, time-traveling no nonsense super soldier with the potential to be one of the most powerful psionics alive.  These two are just as likely to kill each other as work together. 

With all the delightful ways this brawl could play out it would probably end with Nathan getting so annoyed with the fact that Deadpool is standing arm in arm alongside Booster and Beetle, laughing it up, and taking selfies that he would pull out his BFG and just end them all.   

Winner: Marvel.

Now, you know a Marvel/DC mashup just would not be complete without a tasty villain vs. villain round.

Doomsday vs. Juggernaut – Now this is the earth-shaker to end them all!  Doomsday possesses unlimited strength, cannot be killed, and has squashed the Justice League several times and even killed Superman!  Cain Marko is literally unstoppable, immortal, impervious to harm, and has scored K.O. victories over the X-Men, Hulk, and Thor!  

Neither of them gets tired.  Neither of them can truly be hurt or put down (physically).  So, unless Doomsday can develop psionic powers, this is one clash of titans that could literally go on forever. 

Winner: Draw.

Grand Winner: DC.

At 2-1-1, DC Comics edges out Marvel in the B-List Bouts.

It has been nearly 20 years since JLA/Avengers the last time Marvel and DC characters shared the same pages.  It is long overdue for the Big Two to reignite their long running rivalry.  The Odinson is putting forth the call – BRING BACK THE MARVEL/DC BATTLES AND TEAM-UPS! 

We have waited long enough.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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