So Sayeth the Odinson: What if Marvel Gathered the Justice League?

Greetings from the Odinson,

What If DC Assembled the Avengers?  What if Marvel Gathered a Justice League? Part 2 of 2

Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe, here in the great Hall of Justice are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled! 

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and the Martian Manhunter are the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.  They are the Justice League, the DC Universe’s first and last line of defense against the forces of evil and the occasional multiverse Crisis.

And there came a day unlike any other when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were united against a common threat.  On that day the Avengers were born!  To fight the foes no single hero could withstand!

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  They are the Avengers, the Marvel Universe’s premiere super team and the mighty vanguard that stands on that wall and opposes tyranny and injustice whenever and wherever it may rear its ugly head.   

But, What If in an Elseworlds those roles were reversed?  What if the Marvel Universe was in need of some evenhanded lawfulness, and the DC Universe needed avenging?  Who would answer the call?

Part 2: What if Marvel Gathered the Justice League?

Let’s start off with the three heroes that make up the team’s holy Trinity.

Superman – Baby Kal-El was placed in a rocket ship by his parents and blasted into space just before his homeworld Krypton exploded.  He landed on Earth where he was adopted by a loving couple and raised on a farm in Kansas. Named Clark Kent by his adoptive parents, he soon discovered that under Earth’s yellow sun, he gained incredible powers beyond those of ordinary men and women.  With super strength, speed, nigh-invulnerability, heat-vision, and so many, many more extraordinary powers, now called Superman, he has become a paragon of hope and a champion of truth and justice all across the DC Multiverse.

His Marvel Analogue: Hyperion – From Gladiator to Sentry to the Blue Marvel, the Marvel U has so many good Superman analogues to choose from.  I chose Hyperion because of them all, his story most closely follows that of DC’s Man of Steel with a few blips along the way that make him different enough and the perfect candidate.  His origin (depending on which version you use, and there are a lot of versions of Hyperion in the Marvel Multiverse), is very similar except of being raised by a loving couple in the mid-west, Marcus Milton (or Mark, again depending on which version) was raised in the cold, sterile environment of a government lab.  This gives Hyperion a harder edge than his DC counterpart.  He has all the same extraordinary powers and abilities that the Man of Tomorrow has, but without as much restraint as Superman may show.

NOTE: Hyperion is part of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel’s actual analogue for the Justice League.  For my list, I have already used Hyperion from that roster and for the sake of fun, I will seek the rest of my Marvel analogues elsewhere.      

Wonder Woman – Raised as a warrior princess among the Amazons on Paradise Island, Diana Prince was blessed by the gods of myth and legend at birth with incredible powers.  With strength, speed, and a magical lasso of Truth, among so many more wondrous abilities, Diana is one of the most revered and inspiring super heroes in the history of comics and a cornerstone in the DC mythos      

Her Marvel Analogue: Captain Marvel – Yet another hero with a very complicated history.  In a nutshell, Carol Danvers has the power of a star at her fingertips and is easily one of the most powerful and capable super heroes in the entire Marvel Pantheon.  With her military training and experience, she has proven herself capable of taking command of harrowing situations and displayed the leadership qualities to lead fellow champions into battle.

Batman – After witnessing the senseless murder of his parents when he was a child, Bruce Wayne traveled the world and trained to become the ultimate tool for justice.  A polymath, he honed his body to near human perfection, mastered dozens forms of combat, and became the world’s greatest detective.  Using his great wealth, Wayne armed himself with an arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and all-terrain vehicles to help in his crusade and war on crime.  Now, he is the Dark Knight.  He is vengeance.  He is Batman.

His Marvel Analogue: Moon Knight – Marc Spector is Batman if the Caped Crusader gave in completely to his obviously unhealthy psychosis.  He has a fractured psyche.  He suffers from spilt personality disorder.  In one moment, he is a rich, jet-setting playboy, and in another he can be a cold-blooded mercenary.  But the personality the criminal underworld fears is the Fists of Khonshu, the cowl and cape wearing relentless violent vigilante that wears all white so the bad guys can see him coming.

NOTE: One of the long running subplots of the DCU is that Batman possesses contingency plans for taking out the World’s Greatest Super Heroes if the occasion ever arose, as seen in Tower of Babel and Endgame.  In the recent tale, The Age of Khonshu, Spector proved he was more than up to the challenge of taking down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes if the need ever arose.

So now that Marvel’s Justice League has its core Trinity, who can balance out the team?

Aquaman – Arthur Curry is the son of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis.  He is now the King of the Seven Seas and the premiere hero and protector of the world’s oceans. 

His Marvel Analogue: Triton – I know the obvious choice would be the Sub-Mariner, but Namor has proven himself too volatile and unable to play nice with others long enough to make a real contribution in a team dynamic for more than spurts at a time.  I chose Triton because he still gives the teams that versatility and unique skill set of mastering the ocean depths and as a member of the Inhuman Royal Family still holds the clout and standing that commands respect from his fellow champions. 

Flash – He is the fastest man alive with a connection to a powerful force of energy that permeates all throughout reality and beyond. 

His Marvel Analogue: Quicksilver – He is the fastest man alive, in his world, and is part of a family tree with branches that spread all throughout the Marvel Universe from the X-Men to the Avengers to the Inhumans.

Green Lantern – He is an intergalactic police officer with a power ring that possesses capabilities only limited by the wearer’s imagination and will power.  His jurisdiction extends beyond just planet Earth and encapsulates the entire Space Sector 2814.

His Marvel Analogue: Quasar – Wendell Vaughn harnesses the power of the Quantum Bands, gauntlets that channel immense amounts of cosmic energy and allows Vaughn to achieve many astounding feats such as interstellar travel, force fields, energy manipulation and the always fun glowing constructs limited only by his imagination.  Under the tutelage of the primordial space titan, Eon, Vaughn has trained to become the Protector of the Universe.

Martian Manhunter – He is the last survivor of the once great alien nation of Mars.  Now, he resides among mankind with a love for Oreos and a thirst for justice.  With a multitude of super powers that range from super strength, speed, flight, invisibility, telepathy, shape-changing and too many others to list them all here, even among the greatest super heroes in the DCU, J’onn J’onzz is one of the most powerful and respected forces for good in the entire universe.

His Marvel Analogue: The Super-Skrull – When we first met Kl’rt way back in Fantastic Four #18, he was a one note super villain of the week.  With the ability to shape-shift and all the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, over the years Kl’rt has proven to be a dangerous foe for even the strongest heroes like Sasquatch, Silver Surfer, Thor, and Hulk.  But, as time has passed, we have learned that there is so much more to him.  As his back story has unfolded, we have learned many interesting revelations that make the Super-Skrull not only a fascinating character, but a complicated one that is a villain to some and a hero to others, depending on your point of view.   

NOTE: My first inclination for Manhunter’s spot was Beta Ray Bill, but I think the Super-Skrull brings to the table that otherworldly mystery and a pocket full of strange and wondrous powers that could make for an interesting dynamic when bouncing off the others.  Plus, Kl’rt has an apostrophe in his name like J’onn J’onzz.

There you have it folks, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Triton, Quicksilver, Quasar, and the Super-Skrull these are the seven heroes that would answer the call if ever Marvel gathered together their version of the Justice League.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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I am a lifelong comics fan and pop culture enthusiast. Comic books, novels, games, television, movies, I love it all. From fantasy to science fiction, drama to comedy, as long as the writing and execution are interesting, I love it, and I want to talk about it.

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