So Sayeth the Odinson: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: A Retrospective: Part 3 of 4

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The Odinson is taking a look back at one of the first, biggest, and most impactful crossover events in Comics History – Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars.  We relived the build-up and the first shots of war in Part 1 – HERE.  We witnessed the major battles of the campaign and character-defining moments in Part 2 – HERE.  This week, we shall see how the war ends.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: A Retrospective: Part 3 of 4

Secret Wars #11 – Victor Von Doom has pulled off the impossible and defeated the nigh-omnipotent Beyonder in a duel to the death.  To the victor go the spoils.  Doom has inherited all the Beyonder’s vast power.  He confronts our heroes and declares the war is over.  He removes his mask to reveal his fully restored face.  This was the very first time I had ever seen Doom remove his mask and I was just as shocked as the heroes when instead of a macabre visage of horror, he revealed chiseled, handsome features.

The heroes debate whether or not to allow Doctor Doom to keep so much power.  He is after all the most dangerous criminal in the Marvel Universe.  Speaking of criminals.  What became of Doom’s army of super villains after their sound defeat at the heroes’ hands?  They have all gathered in the displaced city of Denver, Colorado to lick their wounds.  Once again the Molecule Man shows off just how unbelievably powerful he can be as he uses his power over matter to enclose the city in an impenetrable force field.  Then, bending time and space, he returns the city, its residents, and the villains safely back to Earth.        

The penultimate issue ends with the biggest cliffhanger of all!  

Our heroes put it to a vote.  The vote is unanimous that Doom cannot be allowed to keep the unearthly power of the Beyonder.  Just as the last hand rises, an immense explosion engulfs the heroes!  The last thing we see is their fortress decimated, nothing but wreckage and rubble, and amongst it all, the shattered shield of Captain America?!

Secret Wars #12 – In a double-size finale, the heroes are dead and Doom is victorious.  However, the weight of the Beyonder’s powers begins to weigh on him.  Suddenly, the impossible happens as the mighty hammer of Thor crashes through Doombase.  How can this be?  How can the heroes be alive?

In a flashback, we see Zsaji, the mystical healer from the nearby village, make her way to the wreckage of the heroes’ base.  She pulls her lover, Colossus, from the wreckage and gives her own life to bring him back.  Colossus then places Mister Fantastic in the alien healing chambers the story had established pretty early on.  They repeat the process until all the heroes are standing once more and ready to do battle.  Now, the army of super heroes are knocking on Doom’s door and they are not happy.

Klaw, Doom’s loyal lackey, convinces the weary monarch to bestow upon him a portion of his great power so that he may deal with the usurpers.  Doom grants his wish and Klaw magically creates an army of monsters.  However, the heroes will not be deterred and cut through the monstrous horde like a hot knife through butter.  Captain America confronts Doom only to be vaporized by his power.  But Cap is not dead.  Doom destroys his enemy again, but Captain America persists.  Justice can never die!

We learn the Beyonder was not destroyed in his battle with Doom, only severely weakened.  He took possession of Klaw, waited for Doom to show a moment of weakness, and then took back his power.  The Beyonder, Doctor Doom, and Klaw disappear in a flash of light, leaving the heroes behind, victorious.   

Mister Fantastic was able to use super science to construct a device that would send the heroes home.  Thus, the Secret Wars comes to an end.  However, its influence on the Marvel Universe was far from over. 

In order to the do the Aftermath of this seminal event justice, the Odinson has extended this column to a fourth part.  Tune in next week to witness the far-reaching effects Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars had on the Marvel Universe, ramifications that still effect it to this very day! 

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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