So Sayeth the Odinson: The Epochs of Marvel: Part 3 of 3

Greetings from the Odinson,

The Epochs of Marvel: Part 3 of 3  

See Part 1 and Part 2 <= Here.  Now, let’s bring this puppy home.

Marvel Now (2013-2016) – Spinning out of the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Children of the Atom decide they are much stronger together than opposing each other, so they assemble a united front with the Uncanny Avengers

This era introduced the Marvel Now movement.  This saw an array of new faces introduced, legacy characters taking a step up, and major changes to established characters.  Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander, and Miles Morales stepped forward to stand side-by-side with Marvel Legends.  Carol Danvers was promoted to Captain MarvelSteve Rogers became an old man, so Sam Wilson took on the mantle of Captain AmericaThor became unworthy, so Jane Foster took on the mantle of Mighty Thor.  Cyclops became more militant and more like Magneto than Professor X.  Daredevil moved west and found his smile.  Tony Stark became even more arrogant, and quite frankly, a jerk.  And, we saw the death of Wolverine!

Meanwhile, Peter Parker’s luck finally runs out!  In Dying Wish, Spidey’s arch foe, Doctor Octopus, pulls the ole Captain Ginyu trick and switches bodies with him.  Now, the mind of Otto Octavius resides in the powerful body of Spider-Man while Peter perishes in the expiring body of the villain.  It’s really one of the most shocking villain victories in Comics History and one Spidey has not experienced in such a significant way since Kraven’s Last Hunt.  For nearly two years Otto was the Superior Spider-Man, a much more aggressive and violent version of the wall-crawler.  Eventually Peter Parker would return, but this was easily one of the most interesting and unique Spidey story arcs of the last decade.    

However, the driving force of this era in Marvel History was, without a doubt, the Incursions!  The Illuminati discovered that realities were smashing into each other and obliterating all life in both.  The multiverse was collapsing.  They tried everything they could think of to save the world, even crossing the line of heroic behavior on multiple occasions.  This was a tidal wave of drama that built into a tsunami and climaxed with the end of everything!  Really.  The Marvel Universe ended! 

Thus, was born Battleworld (Part Deux).  This was a patchwork planet built from pieces of reality from all across the multiverse.  This mosaic creation of Marvel Zombies, Age of Ultron, the Thors Corps, and many more was all that was left in the universe and it was brought together by DOOM!  That’s right, Doctor Doom saved the Marvel Universe.  But in true Doom fashion, the world is reimagined in his own twisted image.  Ultimately, a few surviving heroes including Reed Richards faces Doom in an ultimate showdown and sets things right.

The two-year lead in with the Incursions culminating with Secret Wars was basically Marvel’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.   The aftermath saw the Marvel Universe restored with survivors from other worlds, like Miles Morales, the Maker, and Old Man Logan, now part of the 616.  The Marvel U was given a fresh start, but it would have to move forward without the Fantastic Four.  At least for now.

Marvel Legacy (2017-2018) – This was a short lived period but still had quite an impact.  As Marvel’s future came to terms with its past in Generations, several major events occurred.  The Inhumans and X-Men went to war!  Doctor Doom became the hero he was always meant to be.  Wakanda goes intergalactic.  The Immortal Hulk was born.  And, Jean Grey returned from the dead.  Again!

Plus, it should also be noted that Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian, after decades of being elsewhere, finally returned to the House of Ideas where they belong.

(2019-Present) – This era has yet to play out.  It will be interesting to see where the Marvel Universe goes from here.  The Odinson’s only hope is it won’t be defined by the divisive times we live in. 

Your favorite era may depend on your date of birth.  I find myself very lucky for the Odinson grew up smack dab in the middle of DC’s transition into the Post-Crisis era and the Marvel Age at the height of its powers.  The Dawn of X and Reign of X  have taken the Children of the Atom in such an epic, mind-blowing direction, and if Planet Size X-Men #1 is any indication of where the Marvel Universe is heading, whoa!  The future of the Marvel U is going to be interesting, to say the least.     

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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