So Sayeth the Odinson: 10 Fantastical Weapons of Myth and Legend

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10 Fantastical Weapons of Myth and Legend

ExcaliburBehold! The Sword of Power! Excalibur! Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream! – Merlin the Magician

It is the King of all magical swords.  A weapon so magnificent that it shines with a glow so brilliant that it blinds its enemies.  Plunged nearly hilt-deep into the rock, no man, no matter how powerful, could ever free the weapon from its stony prison.  No man save the one true king.  Thus, Arthur, the boy who would be king, pulled the sword from the stone and forged a mighty kingdom.

Whosoever wields Excalibur is invincible.  But if its power is abused, one risks breaking that which cannot be broken.  Perfectly balanced, forever keen, Excalibur is the gold standard by which all other swords across the annals of time shall be measured.  It is the perfect weapon.  A king’s weapon.  Tis a holy relic from a bygone age lost in antiquity.   It is said that only through the divine grace of the Lady of the Lake shall Excalibur be wielded once more.   

The Ebony Blade – Legends say the black blade of this curse sword was forged from the same meteorite that fell from the sky and used to forge Excalibur.  But that is only a legend, right?  Passed down for generations, this sword whose blade shall never dull has won wars, forged kingdoms, and damned souls. 

The blade is indestructible.  It has even withstood the Adamantium claws of Wolverine.  It protects its master from magic and repels energy in all its forms.  And it will return to the hand of its master when summoned, no matter where or how far away it is. 

However, the sword is cursed.  When blood is spilled, the dark spirit of the blade compels its wielder to spill more.  Only those with the strongest of wills can resist the bloodlust of the blade.

Sicarius Dracorum – A spear is a very direct weapon.  There is no mistaking its purpose.  Its purpose is to deliver a killing blow from a distance.  It is designed to pierce armor.  But dragon scale is harder than any armor.  Thus, a normal spear just will not do. 

The head of this spear is forged from mithril and enchanted by the Amulet of Ulrich, a powerful wizard.  Dubbed Sicarius Dracorum, the Dragonslayer, this is a beautiful weapon designed for one purpose, to puncture the hide of the great wyrm. 

The Dragonslayer’s only weakness is the fortitude and resilience of its master.         

Helmet of Athena – Blessed by the Goddess of Wisdom, this is an elegant tool.  Of all the gifts bestowed upon the hero Perseus, it can be argued this helmet was the finest.  It possesses the uncanny ability to render its wearer invisible. 

In the wrong hands, the Helmet of Athena could be a terrible weapon.  But in the hands of a hero, it can be used to discreetly discover the secret to abolishing the curse that plagues the kingdom, win the hearts of its people, and the love of the beautiful princess. 

The Triple-Bladed Sword – Talon’s weapon of choice may not be enchanted but it is, without a doubt, one of the most unique and super cool swords in the history of swords and sandals entertainment. 

There’s no burying the lede here.  It’s called the Triple-Bladed Sword because, you guessed, it has three blades.  It is a strong weapon, able to shatter ordinary swords upon contact, even several at the same time.  Though Talon’s sword may not be able to withstand the enchanted blade of King Cromwell, it is by far more versatile than the evil despot’s sword. 

The two blades flanking the middle one can be launched with deadly accuracy, felling adversaries from a distance.  Plus, in the unlikely scenario the main blade of the sword is broken, the hilt can be released to reveal yet another smaller blade, so the duel may continue.    

Talon’s Three-Bladed Sword is by far one the Odinson’s favorite swords in fantasy fiction.

The Glaive – When the extraterrestrial menace known as the Beast invades the fantasy world of Krull and kidnaps the princess, the prince must find the one weapon in all the world that can defeat the monster – the Glaive. 

The Glaive is a magical weapon forged in ancient times.  It looks like a ninja star on steroids.  Shaped like a dancing starfish, the Glaive has five slightly curved stalks that when activated release five blades switchblade style.  The wielder of this weapon can toss it and through the sheer force of willpower control its trajectory with deadly accuracy. 

This unique throwing weapon is perfect for taking out alien Stormtroopers, supposedly impenetrable domes, and piercing the skin of a demonic monster from beyond the stars.  The Glaive returns to the hand of its master when summoned, unless it gets stuck in the gut of the Beast it was meant to destroy. 

The Glaive is truly a super cool and unique weapon of fantasy.

The Dragonlance – On the world of Krynn, dragons once terrorized the land.  With fiery breath that could lay waste to armies, no one could stand against these beasts.  That was until the day the Dragonlance was forged.

Enchanted and blessed by the gods, the Dragonlance is the only weapon used by mortals that can pierce the scales of a dragon and slay the monster.  Using the lance, the legendary dragon knight Huma rode astride a magnificent silver dragon and defeated the dragon queen herself, Takhisis, the many headed dragon of darkness.   

Icingdeath and Twinkle – The dark elf ranger hero known as Drizzt Do’Urden is one of the greatest sword masters in all of fantasy.  He wields two magical scimitars with lightning fast reflexes and whirling grace. 

When Drizzt and his barbarian companion Wulfgar slayed a dragon, the ranger found a magical scimitar he named Icingdeath, in honor of the slain wyrm whose treasure horde yielded the weapon.  Icingdeath protects its master from fire, even the hellfire of a demon lord.  Drizzt’s second blade Twinkle was forged and enchanted by elves.  It emits a blue glow when unsheathed.  Drizzt uses Twinkle defensively, keeping his adversaries at bay, while the chilling cuts and stabs of Icingdeath slashes them into submission. 

The last thing many, many evildoers across the Realms have seen before departing this world is Drizzt Do’Urden and his whirling scimitars.   

Aegis-fang – Forged by the dwarf Bruenor Battlehammer, rightful king of the Mithril Hall, this is easily one of the most remarkable weapons in all of the Forgotten Realms.  It is a perfectly balanced war hammer with a long handle made of adamantite and an indestructible head made of the purest mithril. 

Legend has it that every dwarf seeks to forge the perfect weapon.  Many fail.  When the magical dust is spread and the incantations recited, the amount of dust that absorbs into the weapon determines the weapons strength.  When Bruenor forged his masterpiece, every single spec of enchanted dust merged with what he would christen Aegis-fang.

In the hands of a strong warrior, Aegis-fang can be a powerful weapon.  In the hands of the mighty barbarian Wulfgar, this invincible war hammer can fell giants with a single thunderous blow.  When the warrior flings the hammer it will magically reappear in his hands ready for the next strike.  Orcs, trolls, even dragons must yield before the mighty Aegis-fang

This nearly perfect weapon is only surpassed by the last entry on this list.

Mjolnir – The Mighty Thor is the thunder god and protector of the immortal realm of Asgard and Midgard, land of mortals.  He stands against the giants, the trolls, and leviathans of the sea.  Lightning flashes in eyes, his fiery red beard crackles, and his voice booms like thunder.  But the thing all monsters fear more than anything else is the earth-shaking, death-dealing blows of Thor’s invincible hammer – Mjolnir!

Forged by the dwarves of myth and legend and blessed by All-Father Odin himself, this short-handled war hammer is so cumbersome that only a warrior as mighty as Thor can wield it in battle.  When Thor flings the hammer it always returns to his hand.  It slays giants with a single blow and can summon lightning bolts.  Even the great Midgard Serpent, a titanic wyrm whose coils encircle the world, fears the hammer of Thor.  For it is said that on the day of Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, Thor and the Midgard Serpent are destined to slay each other on the battlefield.

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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