So Sayeth the Odinson: Battle of the Anti-Heroes Round 1 of 4: Namor vs. Vegeta

Greetings from the Odinson,

Anti-Heroes are characters that dance on the line between right and wrong.  They live in a morally grey area.  Laws of society will not curb their actions.  In fact, they are most likely at odds with the law, and heroes.  They are even willing to cross lines a White Hat will not.

Heroes battle villains – Avengers vs. Thanos.  Heroes Battle heroes – Batman vs. Superman.  Sometimes even villains battle villains – Magneto curb-stomping Red Skull.  But what about the Anti-Hero. 

What happens when the morally ambiguous cross swords?

Battle of the Anti-Heroes: Round 1 of 4

Prince Namor vs. Prince Vegeta

NOTE: Before we begin, it should be noted that I am referring to a Pre-Super Saiyan Vegeta.  I believe once the Saiyans surpass that threshold, their speed and power places them in a whole other category, a higher tier of combatants when it comes to contests of champions. 

Let’s begin.

Prince Namor the Savage Sub-Mariner is the Lord of the Seven Seas.  He has been known to try and save the surface world almost as many times as he has invaded and tried to destroy it.  He is a complicated fellow.  He can survive on land and under the water, yet he does not belong 100% to either.  His chemical makeup is such that if he spends too much time on or in one or the other he becomes mentally unstable. This is the reason for his wild mood swings and changing loyalties.    

Namor is half-Atlantean and half-human.  His unusual physiology grants him astounding abilities that far exceeds both normal Atlanteans and humans.  His super strength rivals the strongest beings on the planet.  He can breathe under water and swim at super-sonic speeds.  He can emit a shocking charge like an electric eel.  He can summon forth the denizens of the ocean depths, including leviathan class sea monsters.  He is quite durable, able to shake off gunfire and the repulsors of a Golden Avenger.  And, he can fly.

Namor is easily one of the toughest beings walking, swimming, or flying around the Marvel Universe.  He has stood toe-to-toe with and even defeated some of the mightiest characters in the Marvel Pantheon including Human Torch, Iron Man, Thing, Hercules, and the Incredible Hulk!  He even once held his own in one-on-one combat against Thanos long enough to keep the Mad Titan at bay for several minutes!

Within the ocean depths, Namor is all but invincible.  Just ask Thing, Iron Man, and the Hulk what it’s like to try and take on the Prince in his domain.  It never turns out well for the other guy.  However, the longer he is away from the water and begins to dry out, Namor’s vaunted strength begins to wane.  If kept from water too long, he may even perish.  Plus, the longer he is out of water, his mental capacities begin to wane.  Prolonged absences from water have caused Namor to devolve into savage states and even develop amnesia.

Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans!  Saiyans are a race of people that cultivate battle.  They are warriors born whose super human physical attributes increase after prolonged engagements.  Plus, the higher degree of difficulty of the battle, the higher the rewards of physical ascension.  They basically level up after each conflict.  Because of this, the intergalactic tyrant known as Frieza, fearing rivals to his power, eradicated the Saiyan homeworld and brought their people to the brink of extinction.    

Vegeta is a superb combatant, a master of the martial arts.  He thrills and revels in combat.  He possesses super human strength, lightning-fast reflexes, and can move at blinding speeds.  He is able to focus his chi in an array of offensive and defensive powers including exploding spheres of destructive force, discs of crackling energy that can cut through solid objects, and he can fly as well as many other amazing and destructive abilities.  When he powers up, an aura of energy ignites around his body that glows red, blue, purple, white, or yellow, depending on his stage of ascension.  Before his tail was cut off by Krillin, Vegeta was able to transform into a kaiju-size ape, a terrible beast with world-destroying potential.  Though the monster is gone, the potential remains within.       

Vegeta’s ultimate goal in life is to become the mightiest warrior in the galaxy.  He will do anything and go to any lengths to achieve this goal.  He has battled and stood toe-to-toe with the strongest warriors in the universe including Goku, Piccolo, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu

Vegeta is outfitted with tough combat armor and wears a scanner that allows him to ascertain and gage the power limits of his adversaries.  Because Vegeta is so strong he is arrogant to a flaw.  His belief in his superior strength and abilities sometimes causes him to overextend during combat and leave himself open for counters.  He has been known to be outwitted and tricked by savvy opponents into placing himself in a detrimental position. 

Winner: Vegeta

I have seen the Sub-Mariner move a battleship against the tug of a giant whirlpool with his bare hands.  He is, without a doubt, one of the strongest beings on the planet.  The problem is he grows weaker the longer he is away from the water.  Battles with Saiyans tend to include blows that can send opponents flying for miles and usually end up in remote, unpopulated areas.  Vegeta is just wily enough to figure out his adversary’s disadvantage and maneuver the battle away from the ocean. 

Namor’s power rivals the Prince of All Saiyans, but once he begins to dry out, Vegeta’s speed and strength, which only grows in the heat of battle, will eventually overpower the prince of the sea.

These are two of the most arrogant, hard-headed, egotistical, insufferable, hot-headed megalomaniacs in the universe and not only would a clash of titans like this shake the pillars of heaven, it would be entertaining to no end. 

Be sure to tune in next week for Battle of the Anti-Heroes Round 2: Venom vs. Lobo!

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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