So Sayeth the Odinson: Battle of the Anti-Heroes: Round 2 of 4: Venom vs. Lobo

Greetings from the Odinson,

Our look at what happens when the morally ambiguous do battle continues! 

Be sure to check out last week’s contest of champions Prince Namor vs. Prince Vegeta (HERE).  After you catch your breath, rejoin us here for our next bout.  One that is sure to get real ugly.  Real quick.

Battle of the Anti-Heroes: Round 2 of 4

Venom vs. Lobo

When discredited photojournalist Eddie Brock merged with Spider-Man’s former black costume, a living organism from Battleworld known as a symbiote, he became the Lethal Protector known simply as Venom.  He has had one of the flip-floppiest moral compasses of any character in comics.  This guy gives Magneto a run for his money with how easily he could fight for justice or break bad.  He has tried to kill Spider-Man just as many times as he has helped him save the day.

Venom possesses all of Spider-Man’s physical powers including super strength, speed, agility, and he can climb on walls.  Though he may not be as fast or agile as Spidey, he has proven to be far stronger than our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.  Plus, he does not activate Peter Parker’s Spidey sense.  The symbiote can adapt rapidly and gives Eddie an array of offensive and defensive capabilities including octopus-like tentacles, razor-sharp appendages, projectiles that can rend flesh, and it can even produce giant bat-like wings that allow Venom to sore through the night sky.    

To give thee an example of just how strong the symbiote can be, when Spider-Man wore it, he was able to beat Firelord unconscious with his bare hands.  Firelord is a former Herald of Galactus, a wielder of the Power Cosmic.  They don’t come much tougher in the Marvel Universe than a Herald of Galactus, former or otherwise.  Proving he belongs in the heavyweight division, Venom has stood toe-to-toe with some the strongest meat heads in the Marvel Universe including, of course, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Juggernaut, Hulk, and his even stronger offspring Carnage

Venom can also produce spawn, more symbiotes, some of which can be even more powerful than himself.  While the symbiote can make Brock nearly impervious to pain and injury, even being able to withstand the Adamantium claws of Wolverine, it does have its weaknesses.  Venom has been shown to be wary of fire and is especially weak against sonic attacks.  And now that Eddie Brock has ascended to the throne of the King in Black, his powers have amplified even more, the limits of which have yet to be explored.  

Lobo is the last Czarnian, the Main Man, the Master of Frag, and the Ultimate Bastich.  This cigar-chomping meat head is the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter and the meanest and dirtiest fighter in the cosmos.  He has super human strength that puts him in the top tier of muscle in the DCU.  He can track his prey across the stars.  He’s a weapons master able to proficiently use firearms and melee weapons from all across the universe.  But his favorite weapon of choice is a nigh unbreakable chain capped with a vicious hook.  He loves dolphins and he rides a super sweet cosmic chopper. 

Lobo is such a dangerous adversary, he has battled and held his own against some of the toughest heroes, villains, and everything in between in the DC Universe including Guy Gardner (the toughest Green Lantern), SHAZAM (the artist formerly known as Captain Marvel), Etrigan the Demon (a fire-breathing prince of hell), Despero (the three-eyed genetic freak that dismantled the Justice League), and Superman (the guy Lobo kicked in his little Kryptonians).  Lobo even once took a hit job on Kris Kringle.  That’s right, Lobo beat up Santa Claus!    

Lobo is pretty much indestructible.  On a scale of 1 to 10, when it comes to healing factors Wolverine is at about an 8, the Hulk is around a 9, and Deadpool is a stone cold 10.  Lobo’s healing factor is at a 25 and counting.  His skin is hard as nails and bullet proof.  He has taken full power blows from Superman and said, “Thank you, sir.  May I have another?”  Worse, even if somebody actually manages to make Lobo bleed, his blood reconstitutes and grows into more Lobos, clones which the original Lobo then murders just because he likes being the last of his kind. 

If Lobo has any weaknesses, the Odinson can’t think of any.  I mean, this is a guy that cannot die because he has been kicked of Heaven and Hell.  This is not a nice guy.    


This was actually a lot harder to decide than I thought it was going to be when I drew these two names out of the hat.  Strength, toughness, durability, bad attitudes are all kind of hard to quantify when you are talking about a couple of blokes whose power levels have more ups and downs over the decades than the Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas.  On paper, Lobo should be a clear winner but I’ve seen him lose to Wolverine (which isn’t a slight by the way), and Venom (who has also been taken down by the ole Canucklehead) has proven many times he can go with the Big Boys any day of the week.  Plus, I’m still not sure just how powerful Venom is as the reigning King in Black.

At the end of the day, my decision comes down to one mind-boggling feat that still blows my hair back to this day.  I saw Darkseid blast Lobo with the full force of the Omega Effect and the Main Man came back within a couple of panels and continued the fight. That trumps anything I have ever seen Venom accomplish. 

Lobo Wins.

Be sure to tune in next week for Battle of the Anti-Heroes Round 3 of 4: Catwoman vs. Elektra

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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