So Sayeth the Odinson: Battle of the Anti-Heroes: Round 4 of 4: Blade vs. Spike

Greetings from the Odinson,

We’ve seen the clash of titanic egos – Prince Namor vs. Prince Vegeta.  We witnessed the brawl of the bruisers – Venom vs. Lobo.  And, we found out who the last femme fatale standing is – Elektra vs. Catwoman

Now, it is Halloween Season and it’s time to head down to the cemetery where amongst the monolithic tombstones and cobweb-covered crypts we bring this series to an end with a vampire with a soul vs. the Daywalker. 

Battle of the Anti-Heroes: Round 4 of 4

Blade vs. Spike

When Eric Brooks’ mother was pregnant with him, she was attacked and bitten by a vampire.  Eric was born different.  He possesses all the strength and speed of the immortal undead but he did not inherit their weaknesses.  Now, as Blade the Daywalker, he wages war on the vampires, monsters, and all things that go bump in the night, and it’s Open Season on all blood-suckers.

Blade has the strength of ten men.  He is super humanly fast and agile.  He has accelerated healing.  It’s not on par with the healing factor of Wolverine, but he can bounce back from wounds that would prove fatal to normal human beings within hours.  Blade is armed to the teeth with all the weapons and gadgets of the trade including wooden stakes, spikes, explosives, machine pistols, a shotgun, and a sword, all laced with silver and garlic. 

Blade is master of karate, Krav Maga, judo, and sword fighting.  He follows the edicts of Bushido.  He wears bulletproof body armor and a fire resistant trench coat.  Blade is, without a doubt, one of the most capable and accomplished monster killers in the history of fiction.  He belongs in the same category of such legendary Monster Hunters as Abraham Van Helsing, Solomon Kane, Captain Kronos, and Buffy Summers.  Blade has hunted down and defeated some of the scariest and most dangerous monsters stalking the earth including Morbius the Living Vampire, the hulking Hrolf, master vampire Deacon Frost, the king of vampires, Dracula, and the mother of monsters, Lilith.  Blade has even held his own against some of the most legendary heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and even the Avengers.    

The Daywalker is one of the most dangerous men on the planet.  It is true he does not suffer the same weaknesses as vampires.  He enjoys long walks in the sun.  A wooden stake through the heart would hurt, but is not necessarily an instant kill.  He drinks holy water on the rocks.  And he loves pizza with extra garlic.  However, Blade does suffer from the Thirst.  He has the debilitating need for human blood. He has to take a specially developed serum in order to suppress his hunger.  If he goes too long without his serum, Blade’s supernatural healing and strength begin to fade and an all-consuming hunger for blood takes over.  

Before he became the vampire known as Spike, William Pratt was a timid, lovelorn 19th century poet.  That is until he was seduced and sired by Drusilla, an insane vampire cursed with psychic visions. He was called Spike because of his knack for driving railroad spikes into his victims’ skulls.  Spike and Drusilla were part of coven rounded out by the cruel Darla and the diabolical Angelus.  Together, for decades, these four vampires cut a swath of terror and blood from Europe to China. 

Spike has stalked the night for over a century and in that time he has gained lots of experience making him an extremely formidable combatant.  He uses a combination of many fighting styles including karate, boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Capoeira.  He is supernaturally strong and fast.  His threshold to absorb pain is off the charts.  He has been pounded on by Slayers, tossed around by Frankenstein monsters, and tortured by a hell goddess, and still he comes back for more. 

Spike is one of the most dangerous vampires in the entire Buffyverse.  He has stood toe-to-toe with Buffy the Vampire Slayer on numerous occasions and lived to stalk another day.  He has fought and taken down vampires, werewolves, and bewitched puppets.  He has a century’s old rivalry with the king of vampires, Dracula, and he has even scored a TKO on Angel.  He destroyed the Fell Brethren, a powerful demonic sect of the Circle of the Black Thorn.  But what makes Spike even more dangerous than most vampires is that he has single handedly killed not one but two slayers, Xin Rong in 1900 China during the Boxer Rebellion and Nikki Wood in 1970s New York.      

As a vampire, Spike became cruel and vicious.  He possesses an animalistic fury, making him unpredictable.  Though he has an almost preternatural ability to read his opponents actions and emotions, his inpatients and brashness are legendary.  This sometimes causes Spike to jump headlong into battles he is not quite prepared for and to make mistakes.  At the end of the day, even before he got his soul back, Spike is a romantic.  There is nothing he won’t do, no demon he won’t face, no mountain he won’t climb for the woman he loves.

WINNER: Blade          

The Daywalker has rarely ever faced off against a vampire the caliber of William the Bloody, but he has faced down the blood god, La Magra.  If the battle were kept hand-to-hand or even blade-to-blade, Spike might prove victorious.  But from bullets laced with silver to chemical agents that can explode vamps from the inside out, Blade has way too many advanced weapons and 100+ ways to take out a vampire.  He is really good at it, and he enjoys it    

Nobody knows how to one-shot the undead better than Blade

Our look at the Battle of the Anti-Heroes comes to end with two of the coolest supernatural bad boys to ever stalk the cemetery.  A vampire with a soul vs. a Daywalker.  A great lead into next week as we begin our Countdown to Halloween!

This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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