So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson’s Top 10 Characters in Fiction that Have Lost a Hand

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Are you right-handed, or are you left-handed?  Chance are, whether you are a righty or a lefty you’d just as soon keep both hands intact and right where they belong, right?  Some heroes and villains in the worlds of fictional entertainment, whether by accident, force, or choice, do not have the luxury of being either right-handed or left-handed, because they only have one or the other.


The Odinson’s Top 10 Characters in Fiction that Have Lost a Hand        


10 – Machiste – Machiste is a mighty warrior from the fantastic land of myth and magic known as Skartaris.  He has been a king, a slave, a gladiator, and a rebel.  Machiste is a brave and loyal friend to Travis Morgan, the Warlord of Skartaris.  When Machiste was possessed by the evil magic of an enchanted axe, Travis Morgan was forced to sever his ally’s right hand in order to break the malevolent spell’s control.  The lost hand was replaced by a spiked ball with which Machiste uses to bash his enemies into submission.


9 – Misty Knight – Misty lost her entire right arm in an explosion.  Lucky for her, Tony Stark equipped her with a new bionic arm which she uses to pound some sense into evildoers.  She has had a longtime partnership with Colleen Wing and the Heroes for Hire, and a longtime on gain, off again romance with Danny Rand.  In fact, to the best of my knowledge, Misty Knight and Danny Rand are the first interracial couple in the history of comic books.  NOTE: Here is a deep cut for Marvel fans.  After Jean Grey left Xavier’s School for the Gifted, for a few months she got an apartment in the city and her roommate was none other than Misty Knight.  This allowed writer Chris Claremont to crossover Iron Fist with the X-Men, two comics he was working on at the same time, in a natural organic way (see Iron Fist #15).


8 – Grim Reaper – Eric Williams is the deranged brother of Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man. After Simon’s death (see Avengers #9), which Eric erroneously blamed the Avengers for, Eric became the sinister Grim Reaper and swore revenge on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  His vendetta against the heroes becomes even more complicated when it is revealed that Ultron, the creation of Hank Pym, based the Vision’s brain-patterns on those of Wonder Man (see Avengers #57-58).  The Avengers have a very strange and eclectic family tree.  The Grim Reaper’s right hand has been replaced by a deadly scythe.  I wonder if he thought that decision all the way through, especially the next time he wants to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


7 – Rick Grimes – He was a law officer injured in the line of duty, but when he woke from his coma, he found the world had changed.  The Apocalypse had come in the form of the shambling, flesh-eating hordes of the dead.  Rick, a natural born leader, fights to keep his family and fellow survivors alive in a dark, twisted world that continues to throw shade his way.  You would think that in a post-Apocalyptic world the zombies would be the worst of your troubles, right?  Wrong.  And, rick found this out the hard way when he met the Governor, a sadistic madman that had carved himself out a small empire amongst the ruins of this nightmarish landscape.  The Governor was the first in a long line of evil doers Rick and his fellow survivors would ultimately have to contend with, and the Governor has proven to be one of the most impactful on Rick’s story, as with one cruel chop of a hatchet, he took Rick’s right hand.


6 – Age of Apocalypse Wolverine – Even in an alternate timeline where Charles Xavier died young, the evil mutant tyrant En Sabah Nur has risen to power, and Magneto leads the X-Men somethings never change.  Wolverine and Cyclops are both in love with the same woman and they just do not get along.  They fought a terrible battle that resulted in Wolverine slashing out one of Scott’s eyes and Cyclops releasing the full fury of his optic blast, a power that can demolish a skyscraper or pound a mountain peak into powder, and completely obliterating Logan’s left hand, Adamantium and all!


5 – Barret Wallace – He is the tough as nails, no nonsense leader of Avalanche, a small band of freedom fighters working to restore balance between the lower class citizens of Midgard and the tyrannical oppression of Shinra, the shady corporation whose super reactors are pillaging the resources of the planet and threatening the very fabric of nature.  His right arm, from the forearm down, has been bionically replaced by a powerful chain gun.  Alongside Cloud Strife and the brave crew of the Highwind, Barret uses this powerful weapon to repel the deadly Meteor and stop the uber villain Sephiroth from destroying the world.


4 – KGBeast – The Beast is a leftover byproduct of the Cold War, a nearly super human fighting machine with an iron will that probably even surpasses the Batman’s own.  In Ten Nights of the Beast, this vicious assassin was cutting a swathe of death across Gotham City and even when Batman thought he had stopped the villain, the Beast cut off his own left hand to avoid capture.  This is a truly underrated villain that these days rarely ever lives up to the villainous bar set in his very first appearance.


3 – Ash Williams – When a group of college kids head to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of romance and fun, they discover a strange book locked away in the cellar.  Unfortunately for them, this book turns out to be the Necronomicon, the infamous Book of the Dead, and just reading from it, as they foolishly do, summons forth a powerful evil which systematically possesses and murders them all, all except one.  Ash Williams proves to be one of the most capable heroes in the history of horror.  When his own hand becomes possessed by evil, Ash severs the rebellious appendage with a chainsaw and mounts the mechanical tool in its place.  Now, with a chainsaw for a right hand and his trusty Boom Stick in the left, Ash Williams battles the Evil Dead in the past, present, future, and all ports in-between.  Groovy!


2 – Aquaman – Arthur Curry has been fighting for justice in the DCU since the 1940s.  He has been the King of Atlantis, a stalwart member of the Justice League, and an ambassador between the surface world and the kingdoms under the sea.  He once suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of a deranged super villain and lost his left hand when it was mercilessly plunged into a pool of ravenous piranha (see Aquaman #2).  For a time, Aquaman went dark and replaced his lost hand with a metallic hooked harpoon.  Over time, as he began to come to terms with his lost appendage and soften his attitude a bit, the hook was replaced by a golden gauntlet (see Aquaman #51) which was later replaced by a magical hand made of hard water (see The Waterbearer).  Ultimately, thanks to Blackest Nights, Brightest Days, Flashpoints, New 52s, and Rebirths, somewhere along the way Arthur’s hand was restored to normal.


1 – Luke Skywalker – Luke was a bright-eyed young man who wanted to leave the farm and go off to fight against the evil Empire in a galaxy far, far away.  When the opportunity arose to save a princess from the clutches of the sinister Darth Vader, Luke took it.  Trained to be a mighty warrior by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Jedi Yoda, Luke went to Cloud City to save his friends and face the evil Sith Lord in an epic showdown for the ages.  Luke held his own for as long as he could, but the black knight proved to be too powerful.  Luke lost his friend (Han Solo was frozen in carbonite and taken prisoner by the bounty hunter Boba Fett), Luke lost his sense of what he thought to be true (as Darth Vader revealed that HE was Luke’s father), and Luke lost his right hand (severed during his grueling lightsaber duel with the Sith Lord).  Lucky for the galaxy, Luke recovered from the shock and his injuries, his hand was replaced by a robotic attachment, and he finished his Jedi training.  Luke Skywalker faced Darth Vader once more, this time soundly defeating the villain and ultimately reawakening the man within the machine which led to Vader turning on the evil Emperor and once again bringing balance back to the Force.


Missing Hand Hall of Fame: Captain Hook


There you have it, the Odinson’s Top 10 list of characters in fiction that have lost a hand.  They may not be able to open a jar of pickles without help, but they sure can entertain.


This is Odinson bidding thee farewell

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